This is an APE-project!
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Creative Coding Calendar

A calendar you might ask yourself, why is this an APE project?

After reading the article of George Gally about his motivation to create his own code library, it got me thinking: I like to reinvent the wheel as well. But primarily I like to figure out how-stuff-works to get a deeper/better understanding how other people approach a problem and eventually fix that problem.

So I started my own Creative Coding project: I did a 30-day-challenge to create Art with code.

After more then 30 days I had enough beautiful visuals to create a calendar.


Because I wanted to focus on the creation of code and art, I choose Instagram as my platform I use to show my progress.

That automatic meant that the size of the image/video had to be square (1080 x 1080 pixels) but otherwise it was the easiest way to get them images uploaded and accessible to a bigger audience.


So the only thing missing to create a Calendar .... is the calendar templates for the months. My cc-library was so mature after the 30+ days, that I used that to generate the months of this calendar as well.

CC (Creative Coding)

Creative coding is a practice that a lot of designer/developers (aka unicorn) do to enhance their coding skills but end up with interesting art as well (knows as a win win situation 😂 ).

I'm no different: I wanted to create art with my own creative coding (cc) framework. You might say I created the wheel again and again.

Most of my library code is inspired or based upon the work of George Gally, Seb Lee-Delisle, Matt DesLauriers (and probably many more). So I decide to open source the library for anyone to use.

Be advised: I want to use Haxe. Although it is possible to use the library without Haxe, I haven't tested it.

Again: the focus is to create image with code!

I split the code up in cc-sketch and the example you can find in creative-coding.


So if we apply the APE method here, how would that look?

Engineering and Art part is obvious: using code to generate art..
But the Play part is only for me: yes sometimes I do things to make me happy!.
And I have my own calendar now! It's an awesome gift!