Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Cut Cut Cut

A nice little project to make the word a better place…. or just give you the possibility to make your own Van.

You can download your Van van the Cut Cut Cut-site

The competition has ended, but perhaps the site will continue? Who will know.

I’ll show you the top 5 winning Vans:

This is the almighty prototype of the BSC Stretch Limousine. Rather than producing this poser car, BSC is donating it to Cut cut cut for charity
A bombed out Lints wagon...
Minimal graphic, maximal action...
This is my interpretation of an english police van.

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: definition of Urban papercraft

I have written about Urban papercraft, but what is it? and when do I consider it “Urban papercraft”?

Lets look for the definition of Urban papercraft at the Wikipedia definition of Urban Vinyl.

Which can be used to define Urban papercraft:

  1. The design of the toys is mainly done by graffiti artists, musicians, DJs, illustrators, and comic-book artists
  2. Examples of the toy are designed by the creating artist
  3. And examples from other designers
  4. There is always a blank version so another artist can paint it
  5. But the most important one is: free/opensource. The projects should let you print without charge the originals and the guest designs
Flash Flash experiments

Flash experiments: the amazing cube

I decided to “share” my unstructured flash experiments:

And in this case it’s a flash application that creates flat, printable versions of cubes. Just print it, cut it out, glue it together and there you have it: the amazing cube:

[swf], 450, 450[/swf]

Or just check the amazing cube full screen..

Urban papercraft

Shin Tanaka – Mask Hoody [series 01]

Shin Tanaka has created for us to download and build: Mask Hoody [series 01]

Mask Hoody

there is a blank Mask Hoody for the designers, who want to participate in the next series.


Design Grumm

Grumm update: Extensions

When I started to create Grumm I wanted it to be a one piece (one A4) papermodel which is “easy” to build.
And because it is a “easy” model, it’s also easy to create a skin for it.

The next plan was to create extensions for Grumm.
These extensions could be more difficult, but would improve Grumm.

A extension is an addition (extends) to the main papermodel

The comments about Grumm at toydigger forum confirm that.

So here a little update about this extension project:

  • Grumm “Nuts & Bolts” head
  • Grumm Wrench and hands
  • Grumm shoe

And the examples are glued to a basic Grumm body and legs.
Grumm the Wrecker - beta

Urban papercraft

Flatpack toys other then ReadyMech

Readymechs are free flatpack toys designed to fit on an 8.5?x11? and to be printed on any printer.

update #1: After updating my blog to Thickbox (of course by a wp-thickbox plugin and don’t forget wp-jQuery), if found out that some of the images I found are missing… So that’s the update I did!

I’ve written about ReadyMech before and I wanted to know if there were more examples of the flatpack toys…

A while back I got a Computer Art from May 2006.
In this magazine was a winner from the Computer Arts forum contest who could design the best Flatpack toys .
The winner was Rigel (Sarah Bibby) and her creation is called Glump (I can’t find anything about this).

I’ve been looking for the result of this contest but could find very little.
So I asked the peeps of toydigger (it’s in Dutch) to help… no result.

Update: I changed the way you can view the images (it was too much…). I used Safirul Alredha wp_lightbox2 plugin for this, and it looks very nice.

Today I try to find some more FlatPack examples and this is my result:
Flat Pack collectionClick to enlarge

Design Grumm

Grumm by Enkeling: Grummeling

I’ve asked a couple of friends and colleague to design a skin for Grumm.

The first to finish a skin is Symen Veenstra aka Enkeling and he called it: Grummeling

Grumm by Enkeling: Grummeling

And Grummeling from all angles:

[swf] , 450 , 335[/swf]
Urban papercraft

Shin Tanaka – Spiky baby [series 4] is out

Shin Tanaka | Spiky Baby Series 4 is out now.

MacMeier design

With designs from:
(and now you will see how impatience I am: I don’t want to wait and see all different Spiky Baby randomly, so I “hacked” the swf and got the url )

Update #1: all these downloads are limited time only :: that time has passed… the links don’t work anymore…. | view Spiky baby
Arte Vettoriale | view Spiky baby
COM RAID | goto 1 | goto 2 | goto 3
Epic | view Spiky baby
Macmeier | view Spiky baby
Nagua design | goto 1 | goto 2
ONESIDEZERO | goto 1 | goto 2
REACH | view Spiky baby
TIMROBOT |view Spiky baby

And the stuff that Shin Tanaka adds:
goto Spiky Baby “S”
goto Spiky Baby “P”
goto Spiky Baby “I”
goto Spiky Baby “K”
goto Spiky Baby “Y”
goto Spiky Baby box

Happy cutting!

Design Grumm

Grumm Fabrique

A quick test I made for Grumm.

It’s done on the stationery paper from the company I work for.

So for lack of a better name, lets call it: Grumm Fabrique
Grumm Fabrique And look at him from all angles:

[swf], 450 , 335[/swf]
Design Grumm

Grumm the Screamer – Red

I’ve finished my first skin for Grumm.

I call it: Grumm the Screamer – Red
Grumm the Screamer - Red And look at him from all angles:

Update#1: Nobody will see the difference but I’ve updated the flash movie, so it’s now possible to choose the rotation direction.
[swf] , 450 , 335[/swf]