Design Grumm

Creating papercraft: Grumm – part1

This weekend I want to create / design a papercraft figure myself! And this process starts with a rough design.

This is the first sketch of Grumm (it had the working title: Dude2006 ):
First sketch of Grumm (then it had the working title: dude2006)

The same night I build a rough version:

Grumm prototype version 1

(crappy picture: couldn’t find my digital camera: so I used my webcam)

This is post is not written in chronicle order, but you will not notice the difference. It more a historical thing…

Grumm mugshot prototype version 1

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Sjors Trimbach

Yes, let’s make a urban papercraft series!

BrickboyThis time I want to point you towards Sjors Trimbach site. He created Brickboy.

You can build a brickboy yourself: visit the site, goto [designs], choose one of you favorite, press [download], print it and start building!
Brickboy serie

If you are more creative then that: you can design a brickboy yourself! Just send a email (I could place the email here, but I won’t because I don’t want to add to his spam …. so goto the site and click on [info] ).

The same comment I gave Shin Tanaka, I’m giving to Sjors: he is holding back some (new) designs, found these using google:
Other papercraft by Sjors Trimbach

And my own custom Brickboy will be added to my wish list. So much to do – so little time.

Shin Tanaka's Brickboy Shin Tanaka made a also a Brickboy!

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka

Shin Tanaka updated his site so check out.
And he added T-BOY HOODY to the list of paper toys you can customize or design! Just drop Shin one of the following email in his mailbox: “T-BOY HOODY” , “GRITTY” , and “SPIKY BABY”.

I decided to share a “hobby” of mine (read more about my “hobbies”).

But I will only share the cool part of it: I’m talking about urban papercraft.
The cool customizable paper toys who are similar to that of the vinyl scene.

Shin Tanaka is my favorite (well …. I can’t find a lot of builders who approach papercraft with a urban style). I like the simple shapes he uses to create the figures and that they fit on one pace of paper. But what makes him a genius is the fact that he makes DIY paper toys. And it works…. I want to design one too. So this will be added to my wish list. I especially like the GRITTY.

An example: darkimey X GRITTY
GRITTY darkimey
One of the master himself: QRCOD GRITTY

So if you have some spare time try one of these: the custom designed paper model collection especially made as a canvas for graffiti writers and designers who want to present their work for public! Or design a SPIKY BABY or GRITTY

Basic Spike from the SPIKY BABY [SERIES 3] – box
SPIKE basic

SPIKE bichorabioso << An example from bicho

The only “comment” I have about Shin that his portfolio-site doesn’t let us see everything he made in the past: he also made some papercraft based on figures from Michael Lau (Michael Lau creates bad ass figures!!): Davy (red), Davy in different colors, SF.M.L.F, and a “Special Paper Model Download Page” in English.

Update #1: An article about Shin Tanaka can be found Pingmag – The Tokoyo-based magazine