Explanation from [mck]

A while back I found (or somebody posted in a blog ...) a link to a site where a designer posted 300 free truetype fonts.
I was interested so I bookmarked it, but for some reason I didn't downloaded any of the fonts.
Probably because I have my set of favorite fonts.
But after a while a became curious if the designer had a nice set of free fonts I could recommend to my friends. I couldn't find the site in my bookmarks but that was because the site wasn't the site I remembered (http://www.goodfonts.org/).
And nobody on the internet could give me the list the designer posted. So after some digging in Internet Archive: Wayback Machine a found the list, but the url's didn't work any more.
So I did the best I could do, I made it possible to view the list en find the freeware font with google.

For this purpose I have made an oldkool frameset frameset which makes it easier to search for the fonts.

And I'm will give a place to send your downloads to so I can make it into one ZIP to make future download easier:
Send your Freefonts to: (yes it's hotmail...)

Remember this: I have no idea who the designer is/was, and his/her choice of font are not necessary my choice of fonts.

Update #1: Vitaly Friedman has a very good list of serious license-free fonts, check it out!.

Essential Fonts for Designers - 300 free truetype fonts you should have

As a web designer, you know that Verdana can get real old real fast. But you also know that there are millions of free fonts on the internet and most of them are horribly bad. Here's a secret: not all truetype fonts are bad. Some of them are quite classy. The truth is you dont have to be rich and able to afford postscript fonts in order to look professional.

I've collected 300 of my favorite truetype fonts that can be used for design works. Here they are free to download in .ttf format (works on both MacOSX and Windows machines), organized into the following categories.

Display Fonts >> A diverse selection of fonts with distinctive type. Best used for headlines, logos or posters.

Sans Serif Fonts >> Type "without feet". Lends a clean, simple appearance to text.

Serif Fonts >> Short cross lines at the end of characters make serif fonts easy to recognize.

Script Fonts >> Fonts where letters run into each other. Italic or "leaning" text.

Handwriting Fonts >> Pen and pencil, brushstroke, or kids handwriting fonts. Relaxed and casual.

Antique Fonts >> Worn and weathered, grungy, victorian, or historical typefaces.

Fun Fonts >> Wacky and fun typefaces good for eclectic projects, as well as interesting experiments.