How can I make FLV with freeware / opensource software

freeware/opensource FLV Encoder Batch Save settings Complex Licence Version FLV 1.1 (MetaData) Filesize OS Supported Formats Preview Screenshot Rating
Riva FLV Encoder no (only in combination with another product of Riva) yes no Freeware 2.0 yes 4.73 MB  Window AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV In combination with Riva FLV Player riva flv encoder 4/5
Digitalgroover FLV  Encoder no no no Freeware (for now?) 1.0.2 yes 3.3 MB Window ?? yes flv encoder 3/5
Mediacoder yes yes yes Opensource 0.5.0 pre 10 no 21.16 MB Window a lot yes mediacoder 3/5
Super yes yes no Freeware no 24.55MB Window a lot yes super 3/5