Mugshot Matthijs KamstraI am Matthijs C. Kamstra [mck] and I’m a designer/ animator / programmer / and-some-other-stuff.

I named this blog [mck] (my initials) with as subtitle “Polymath Zapper”. A polymath is a person who excels in multiple fields, particularly in both arts and sciences. But once you start investigating who is considered a polymath, the group is quite impressive. I don’t want to do too much chest beating so I’ve added Zapper to it (that’s how we call the remote control around my moms house).
I use the name Zapper also als a reference to channel surfing, which resembles the way I find, and explore my fascinations:

  1. I encounter something I find interesting / fascinating;
  2. I search until I know almost everything about this subject;
  3. I lose interest;
  4. I start looking for something new.

To make sure that my blog won’t jump from one subject to another, I will post about my specialty: Macromedia Flash in the widest sense of the word.
In this blog I’ll try to share my knowledge, researches, as-script, etc, with the rest of the world.
For now I’ve got no expectations for this blog, but let’s see what gives. Blogging is fun!

Thanks for reading this and remember: responses to my entries are very welcome!

This blog will be kept in my spare time, the rest of my working hours are spent at Fabrique where I’ve been working [with great joy] since 2000. So if you might want to hire me I suggest you first contact Fabrique. NOISE where I’ve been working [with great joy] since 2007. If you want to hire me, just drop a line here.