Open source / Freeware

Replace commercial software with opensource/freeware

I am convinced that a lot of people don’t want to buy commercial software because of the price.
And I’m also convinced that a lot of people don’t want to use illegal software.
But they don’t know which software they can use beside the commercial program and there friends will only advise the program they (illegally) using because there friends advised them to.

Lets stop the chain, and put some opensource/freeware software against there commercial counterpart!

Commercial software Replacement software OS
ACDSee XnView UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X
Irfanview Windows
Nero CDBurnerXP Pro Windows
Winrar , Winzip , PowerArchiver 7-zip Windows
Izarc Windows
Microsoft Word abiword Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Microsoft Office Open Office Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Windows, Mac OS X
Adobe Photoshop GIMP ** Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Macromedia Dreamweaver Nvu Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

** Use Gimpshop! if you used to be a Adobe Photoshop user: it will make GIMP and Photoshop similar.

Of course this list is much longer…
So if you need to find something else; here are some places you can look – Free software, no nasties! – Free alternatives to Macromedia and Adobe
Open Source…for designers? – Free alternatives
Free Software alternatives to proprietary applications on the Microsoft Windows OS.
Freeware programs and applications
Freeware Programs that replace Commercial Programs

Almost every commercial program has a freeware program that does almost the exact same thing, maybe sometimes better.
So drop a comment about commercial software that you want to replace.