Another small update on my site design

Still refining the css for this blog, I’m getting there.

Today I added 2 new plugins to my list of WordPress plugins:

CG-FlashyTitles for the nicely rendered Headers, and this is one of the user-friendliest plugin I’ve ever seen.
And is based upon sIFR

Contact Form ][ because my contact page didn’t have a contact form anymore. I know that sandbox has the possibility to add commentfrom, but does this at the bottom of the page, and I wanted it in the page.

There are some other plugins I want to activate (WP-PageNavi , Ultimate Tag Warrior and Related Entries), but they all need a little tempering with the .PHP files.
That not really a problem, but the release of WordPress 2.3 is very close.
And with that the release of Sandbox 1.0, so tempering with the PHP files have to wait till then.