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Urban papercraft: Nice Paper Toys

Some time ago Nice Bunny started a social network about papercraft.
Nice Paper Toy

There are a lot of very talented people who are already part of this network and you don’t need an invitation. The only thing you need, is the “love” for paperToys… 😉

And the nice thing about people who are all doing the same thing, you get really informative discussions!
I specially like the discussion about “Sharing Designs – How to Protect your Brainchild” which can be read here, with input from Sjors Trimbach, Nice Bunny (who had some ‘trouble’ with his first papertoys), Marshall Alexander (who started creating papertoys with a custom design of Readymech) and Matt Hawkins.
This discussion is not only very helpful for papertoy designers, but it’s very nice to read: people tell there horror stories, toes are being stepped on, history of some designs are explained, …. 😉

And what is a social network without the promotional stuff: here we have a Network Badge (Large)

Visit Nice Paper Toys

So visit me at Nice Paper Toys and join.

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Jun here, from Nice Paper Toys as well. As you know, I’ve set up a site that aims to link up all the urban toys of the world @

I was hoping you link us as well from your site… Would that be okay?

Thank you!


P.S. sorry to post this on comments, I couldnt find the email link..

Comments are welcome Jun, in any form..

I was already thinking about that, and because you asked: it is done
(see in the links on the right side of my blog)

I’m currently working on a series of post about paperToys (I need some time to finish my new Grumm project) and will write a little about Papercraftx too.

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