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Urban papercraft: Marshall Alexander

There are really some great dutch papertoy designers, and Marshall Alexander is one of them!


Marshall Alexander is, like me, one of the designers that are invited to contribute to the book made by Matt Hawkins (read more) and proud and active member of Nice Paper Toys!

Marshall is one of the most modest people that I know, but I don’t have to be….
He thought that he needed some practice, so before he launched his own papertoy series (Foldskool heroes) he created a series of custom:
A Hedkase by NiceBunny:
Om mani
A SIZZA by Nick Knite:
A Speakerdog by Ben the Illustrator
Bark to the Future Speakerdog

And some of his own papermodels:

And after that I found his thing: the one piece papertoy…
I like this one very much:projectfatchunk
and it’s on a postcard!!!

And then he decided that he had practiced enough: and started with the amazing Foldskool heroes series:
Foldskool series 1
I must confess that I didn’t took the time to download the Foldskool template when Marshall published it…. But when I did, I wanted to create one: the template is really very smartly constructed.

Foldskool series 2

A little quote from Marshall’s site:

… aiming to make money doing what I liked to do best: graphic design and illustration. So currently I work as a graphic designer at a small company in The Netherlands and spend my spare time illustrating my childhood memories and designing papertoys. Enjoy!

I’m glad that I’m created a beautiful Foldskool heroes Batmobile, because his reaction was Nukk:
Marshall did a Drukk-custom, which I really love:
Nukk a Marshall Alexander custom
Nukk is really the bomb.