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I’m being ripped off…

Update #1: On NicePaperToys there is a discussion about this topic started by Brian Castleforte: read it here

This is a first…
I know it happens to other artist, but I would never thought it would be happening to me.

A Chinese website is selling my free papertoys…. they are making money of my free papertoys.

I want this the first thing you read: you don’t have to pay money for Drukk or Grumm!!! They are FREE papertoys for you to enjoy. A lot of papertoys on this Chinese website are free, so they must have stolen it!!!

And so there is NO misunderstanding:

  • I didn’t know they are selling my papertoys
  • I never agreed about selling my papertoys on this website
  • I don’t get paid from any papertoy they sell
  • You don’t have to pay for my papertoys: THEY ARE FREE

They stole Grumm: visit the search page

But this is even worst: Drukk and all the customs made by other designers are sold there: visit the search page

And I’m not the only one: Speakerdog, NiceBunny, Horrorwood, SIZZA to name a few.
They don’t even take the time to build the models, they just use the images that the papertoy designers use on their websites….

Because I don’t want “help” the Google raking of this website with this post, I used a rel="nofollow" in the links (read more about that on wikipedia)

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You among many others. I searched their site for about 20 minutes, and encountered pretty much everyone who appeared in Urban Paper, not to mention several other designers. Taobao functions a lot like ebay, so you can report users, I believe. I found the following email address:
It appears to be for reporting issues with intellectual property. I basically babelfished the site and went to their help section.
Here’s that page in babelfish
Beyond scouring their site for your stuff and reporting individual users to the admins, I can only think of threatening legal action to affect policy change, which would probably mean taobao couldn’t sell even legit papertoys any longer, though most of the ones I saw on there were ripped off.

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