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Papertoy bizz – part 2

Read my previous post about Papertoy bizz – part 1.

But to be short about it: I’m currently working on making that papertoy bizz somewhat official.

And you need a business card and that got me wondering about some other business card related items:

  • Business card stand
  • Business card holder

I couldn’t resist looking for paper versions of these items.

I used my day jobs business card for this: I think they have a common size use in the Netherlands.
The card is 85mm x 55mm (W x H)

In this post I’ll be focusing on the business card holder!

Business card holder

I found two versions that I want to mention.

The Food Box Wallet (can be used as business card holder)

The Food box wallet from

Business card holder example

I don’t have to vectorized it, because they have a nice .PDF file for us.
Download the template: “save as”

But I did it anyway because it now fits the standard business card:

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

Placing the elastic can be somewhat difficult so here some extra instructions

Paint Chip Card Holders!

The other I found at
Paint Chip Card Holders
They look awesome don’t they!!
In the Netherlands we don’t have Home Depot or a shop that uses these cards but why don’t use a cereal box or other box made out of carton (or just design one…).

There is a .JPG template
Card holder template
This template can be use to modify it to your own business card dimensions:

To change the size of the template, make ‘a’ the height of your card, and ‘b’ the thickness that you want the card holder to be.

But here is mine vector version:

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

For building instruction visit page about the paint chip card holder.

Here the vector files:

Business wallet template

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

Business holder template

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

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