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Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka (part 3) – Boxy

Last week I talked about the collaboration between Shin Tanaka and Nooka: nooka boxboy.
Nooka boxboy

Which was a good reason to visit Shin Tanaka site, and there it was: another cool papercraft project called BOXY (traveling over the world).
BOXY -traveling over the world

Shin wants custom designs for BOXY, but instead creating a downloadable link on his site (like Spiky Baby or Mask Hoody), the designer has to take a picture of his design and send it to Shin. He will put it on his site, and you will get your 15 minutes of fame….

Want to? Go to the page that explains what you need to do!

You should visit the BOXY page, because there a regular updates, but you can view a couple entries here:

BOXY by Shin TanakaStart slideshow here













Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka (part 2) and Nooka

Shin Tanaka, one of my favorite urban papercraft artists, teamed up with Nooka.
Before this post I had never heard about Nooka, but they make very nice watches (which are difficult to find in the Netherlands).

Nice to know, but what has that to do with papercraft?
Nothing and everything, in a collaboration between the two, they created a papercraft project with the name “nooka boxboy“.
Check out NOOKA Collab | SHIN TANAKA.

Or some of the pictures:

And you can also submit your own designs, although I’ve been checking this site regularly but haven’t seen any updates in the Gallery.
But submitting won’t hurt, or you can make a custom just for yourself: save the nooka boxboy blank template and start designing.