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Shin Tanaka x Giant Robot x Scion

When I started to write about this Griant Robot there was not a site for it; now there is: Gaint Robot Shin.
This website is for a contest: “Customize the template with your own designs”.
But before you start designing: you need to read the rules (.pdf)…. But to make a long story short: basically you need to live in the USA, which I don’t do)

But the best stuff is yet to come: the template that are in the magazine can be downloaded form there:
part 1, part 2, part 3 and the blank template.

Read more about this contest at NPT

I’ve been asked to talk about this subject…… yeah this title is ohhh soooo original.

I though about it for a while (do I really want to make free advertising for a car company or a magazine?), but I couldn’t resist: Shin Tanaka is involved.
And that dude is cool!!

Shin is featured in an Asian/Amercan popculture magazine Giant Robot with a 3 piece robot: this image is the second one that can be found in Issue 57 of Giant Robot magazine.
Second robot by Shin Tanaka

Buy magazine 56, 57, 58 and you will have this:
Three robots combined by Shin Tanaka
How cool is that!

I’ve been looking around in the stores in Amsterdam, but I haven’t found this magazine (yet). So I can’t build it 🙁 and those who can’t build, write about it…. 😀

The same thing about Scion, this brand isn’t sold in the Netherlands (perhaps it is, but I don’t know about it, and I have never seen one).

But if Scion is happy with this post, and want to reward me, just give me a xB (no, really!!)