Documenting Haxe and Node.js

There used to be a website that got you started with Haxe and Node.js (it was really old, when Haxe was spelled “haXe”).

But that website is no more. So I decided to get some of that back. Based upon the information from the old site and my own need to document this.

How will this help me?

It will get you started with JavaScript/Node.js and Haxe. How to setup your project, install externs and how to work with them. This probably will never be a complete documentation but it will help you get started!

Documentation goals

I wanted to make contributing to this documentation as easy as possible.
That’s why I use Markdown; developers use it, but is really just plain English so everybody can write documentation!
And this documentation hosted on Github, developers favorite place to store code.
Even if you are not a developer and/or don’t want to clone everything, you still can modify the files on the website (you need account to login in and change the .md files).


Go visit, and let me know what you think of it