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Delay call, Timer delay in Haxe

When I started programming for as3, I started to collect little snippets of code. Some to explain the transition from as2 to as3. And some just to have one place to go to when I forgot how it worked… I decided to do it also for Haxe and Openfl. For some reason I forget some stuff easily. This is one I need often and forget easily:

How do you call a function with delay? (without a tweening engine!)

Not that difficult:

haxe.Timer.delay(someFunction, 1000);
But what if you want to send some extra parameters?

How do you call a function (with parameters) with delay?

(without a tweening engine!) I found my answer on stack.

update1 : this only works with flash, java, js, python

haxe.Timer.delay(callback(someFunction,"abc"), 10);

But I prefer a more readable version (probably because it looks very much like the javascript version), also mentioned in the same post.
haxe.Timer.delay(function () { func(arg1, arg2); }, delay);

update 2: needed it for a quick prototype in Haxe / Neko

// do something delayed