Wish list


Create a design for:

  1. Brickboy
  3. 3 eyed bear
  4. prototank
  5. e440
  6. SIZZA
  7. Jonny Chiba
  8. PHIL
  9. Speakerdog
  10. ….

Make Jakob Nielsen proud

  • No Author Biographies
  • No Author Photo
  • Nondescript Posting Titles
  • Links Don’t Say Where They Go
  • Classic Hits are Buried
  • The Calendar is the Only Navigation
  • Irregular Publishing Frequency
  • Mixing Topics
  • Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss
  • Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service

Design [mck] blog

  1. Create [mck] logo
  2. CSS menu (pulldown menu)
  3. Popup image (for showing large images)
  4. popup icon
  5. Create a blog design which is me.
  6. go live with new design

About this blog

  1. Sharing my knowledge about flash
  2. I hope my writing in English will get beter / easier
  3. Becoming a flash-alround guru are you ever finished learning?
  4. and get another super power
  5. … 🙂


  1. Old laptop (mac or pc) to put linux on for programming / testing purpose not interested anymore
  2. Teaching flash doing at NOISE
  3. Giving a lecture about flash / animation

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