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Grumm homepage update

I just updated the new Grumm homepage:

New Grumm homepage design

For the people that don’t know who Grumm is: read something about this moody piece of paper.

And if your not doing anything, read everything 😉 , build Grumm the Screamer Red and be one the 10412 people who downloaded it (and, I hope, put it together) or create a custom design and send them to me. (with 9016 downloads you expect a lot of customs…. 🙁 )

Grumm the Screamer Red

Show your appreciation for Grumm by sending money, beer, holiday trips, cars, Flash books, fan-mail, transparant gifs your pictures and custom designs of Grumm to me. I love it, and will place them on the Grumm homepage to see or download.
Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: 3EyedBear

Another excellent papercraft model made by 3EyedBear.

A one piece papermodel of a bear with…. 3 eyes.

Maarten Jansen also created other papermodels, but I’m interested in

And the reason why is the custom blank template:

(to get creative with…)

3EyedBear is ready to dominate the world but can use your help!

[via Paperforest]

Design Flash Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Papercritters

An awesome combination: Flash and papercraft.

Papercritters is an online application to create and share papertoys.
Now possible to create a skin and see it in 3d.
It’s ideal for people with no Illustrator skillz, or who are not able to see objects in 3d. Its Pepakura and Illustrator in one!

You start of with a simple papertoy and you design a custom skin online (no need for other programs then you browser and a Flash plugin).

At the time of posting the site reached its maximum number of users, and when you do get the chance to get in it will take a very long time to load… It’s probably suffocating by it’s success. Try again some other time!

The site is very popular: 11000+ skins designed for the papercritter model. This must the most popular papermodel on the internet (and in the physical world)!!. Keep trying if you don’t get access because it’s really something

[via paper forest and the FWA]

Urban papercraft

Papercraft project: skull

Another skull from Glue² chronicle

Example 1 of Karakasa Skull (click here)

Example 2 of Karakasa Skull sideview (click here)

It has more detail then the previous post, but can be customized. (although it will not be easy)

Good luck with the customization of this skull

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: skull

A cool articulated paper skull from skull a day.

It’s probably inspired by readymech but with the nice addition of an articulated jaw.

Just click on the picture below and download the .PDF:
papercraft skull
(download link: You can use acrobat to open the files)

This is one of my other ‘strange’ hobbies; I like skulls, not to have, but fascinated by it in art, clothing or when I’m scribbling on a piece of paper…

Design Grumm

Grumm gets noticed…

I mention before that I got noticed by with a number 10 position for Grumm: in there post about “Paper Toy for Adults“.

This article is also read by one of my favorite papercraft sites Paperforest which triggered an avalanche of links to Grumm.

And to put some icing on the cake: one day later I got a post from boingboing!

This all happened without my knowledge: I was on a 3 week holiday in Thailand.
So I want to thank everybody who downloaded Grumm, linked to my site, made Grumm and customized Grumm.

Here some other nice articles about Grumm:,

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Chiba

Jon Greenwell aka Jonny Chiba aka Johboy has create some paper models with a heavy hiphop flavour.
Me like very much…. indeed. 🙂

The latest:
New Model Football Crazies

You can help by creating opponents: just download a blank copy and build your own futbal team

And the very cool HEADNODDAz serie:
HEADNODDAz no.1 more to come

HEADNODDAz no.2 the remix
HEADNODDAz no.2 the remix

and the original HEADNODDAz no.1

And a character named Baghead:

and there are also some trains…
all I can say: go check Chiba out

[via paperforest or papercraftparadise]

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Paper Robots (update 2)

The first time I talked about paperrobots it had 4 models.

The papermodels from Paper Robots are amazing: they are almost as good as a action figure.
It has joints that move freely and smoothly. There are characters with joint, and now there are 2 transformers. Yes, they transform into a truck or a jet….

Since my last post there have been some additions:

Model 5: Evil Dead´s ASH!

Model 6: Paper Robot´s BLUE STEEL 1999

Model 7: Classic SPIDER-MAN

Model 8: Black Simbiote SPIDER-MAN

And another transformer model (like Optimus Prime)
Model 9: Transforming JETFIRE

You can find the downloads of the papermodels on the site of paperrobots and find more pictures on flickr.

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: SIZZA

Nick Knite has created a flatpack papertoy named SIZZA
It’s a paper toy inspired by readymech.

SIZZA is now also open for custom versions, you need to drop a comment and you will get hooked up.

Here some examples:
S-Troopz Army
S-Troopz Army

SIZZA – get your kickz!
SIZZA - get your kickz!

SIZZA – Hello Sizzy
SIZZA - Hello Sizzy

SIZZA – Return of the black Ninja
SIZZA - Return of the black Ninja

SIZZA – Papercut
SIZZA - Papercut


Papercraft project: BYODP

Update #1: This project seems to be discontinued, so the only way to see something of it is via wayback machine

I have seen this project before, but I’m not very enthusiastic about this project.
Probably because it’s not a toy. But there are some very nice skins.


Design your very own cigarette pack, the way you want it. I’m not a smoker, but these artworks makes you almost sorry that you don’t. (well…. not really)

You can download a blank template here. And if you want to know more about this project, read this explanation

Check out the designs or visit flickr

[via ragandbone (thx for reminding me of this project)]