Flash Screenweaver

Dir2xml v1.1 released

This is a little tool I build with the help of Screenweaver.
A dir(ectory) 2 XML tool.

Wanna know more about the reason??

Version 1.0 had some bugs, and the output (XML) wasn’t the way it should be.

Dir2xml v1.1

(yes indeed it’s the same picture as version 1.0, there are no big changes to this program)


You can download the EXE, SWF, example dir2xml.xml and FLA in a ZIP

Get your stuff here:


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

PC and Apple

Sadly enough Screenweaver can't export to Apple (yet).
So Dir2xml will (for now) only work on a pc.


The code is embedded in the fla so if you're interested try the ZIP file

Wish list and To-do

Bugs version 1.1

  • the path to the folder with “save” was incorrect
  • the xml was not build for the new features like filesize and creationdate


  • Recursive through all folders
  • Recursive through xx number of folders
  • Filters for JPG, GIF, Flash 7 images, Flash 8 images
  • Hidden data in XML (kB, createDate, width, height, URL)
  • …..

Do you know some features that would make this program better, let me know and drop a line.