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Urban papercraft: Sjors Trimbach

Yes, let’s make a urban papercraft series!

BrickboyThis time I want to point you towards Sjors Trimbach site. He created Brickboy.

You can build a brickboy yourself: visit the site, goto [designs], choose one of you favorite, press [download], print it and start building!
Brickboy serie

If you are more creative then that: you can design a brickboy yourself! Just send a email (I could place the email here, but I won’t because I don’t want to add to his spam …. so goto the site and click on [info] ).

The same comment I gave Shin Tanaka, I’m giving to Sjors: he is holding back some (new) designs, found these using google:
Other papercraft by Sjors Trimbach

And my own custom Brickboy will be added to my wish list. So much to do – so little time.

Shin Tanaka's Brickboy Shin Tanaka made a also a Brickboy!

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