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Automatic WordPress Database Backup

I haven’t installed a lot of WordPress plugin’s. And till recently I had only 3 WordPress Plugins installed.

Well this is changed: I now have more (I’ll stop counting because every time I install a new plugin I’ll have to change the number…): wp-cron is added to that list.

WP-Cron provides a rudimentary support for scheduled exection of actions; a sort of “delayed action” processing for WordPress. It is nowhere near as robust as the actual UNIX cron facility, but should be good enough to “do stuff” on a fairly regular basis

This plugin has a lot of features, but I only use the wp-cron plugin.
And the reason is backup:

…A plugin you use to backup your database. And this is the most important of blogging: the stuff you write….

Now, without thinking about it, my database is send to my gmail-acount on a daily base.