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Urban papercraft: Kilobus

Update #1: my French is non-existing but even when it’s translate I don’t read it good: Wim pointed out the correct submission date of the contest: 20 October…
So from today (updated on 18 October) you have two days to finish your design.

In my Urban papercraft series I wanted to talk about Ken Munk and Fwis Readymech but they have to wait…

Team Kilobus from France surprised me with there gorilla. And because there is a contest going on, perhaps it’s interesting to join if you want to.

My French is bad… and thats an understatement. So let me (google) help translating the page where you can read everything: Customize the gorilla where you also can find the .PDF and start coloring because this contest last till the end of this month (October).

An example by Ecklectic

The first time a ran into this papercraft project I wasn’t impressed… I bookmarked the site, and today I saw it again. And team Kilobus has been busy: they has created a contest with the gorilla with some nice prices. He cleaned up the papercraft and contestants.

As I said: I’m glad I bookmarked the site.

I will make one of my own, but not before the ending of this month… I’m busy creating my own papercraft figure. (and I need to finish my design for this blog!)

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Hoi Matthijs, mijn Frans is ook niet best, maar volgens mij is de uiterste inzenddatum 20 oktober.

Het originele bericht is gepost op 20 september, en dit staat er onder (Babel Fish-vertaling): “U hebt dus een maand vanaf dit biljet: dus aan uw potloden, posca en andere grafische wapens”

Snel aan de slag dus!

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