Design Grumm

Creating papercraft: Grumm – part3

Because the name “dude2006” was a working title, I wanted something more fitting for the design.
And where do you go to when you want a cool name: Symen Veenstra! And he came back with: Grumm.

In the prototype I made in Creating papercraft: Grumm – part2 I made some adjustments:

  • legs were to “fat”
  • waist to big (no room for hands)
  • change in the angle of the glue tabs (they have to be 45 degree)
  • some instructions on the glue tabs (names and connection numbers)

Check Grumm papercraft version 2:
Grumm print version 2 (one a4 paper)

This is post is not written in chronicle order, but you will not notice the difference. It more a historical thing…