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Firefox 2.0 installed

Yes I did, 2 days ago.
That not really hot news… (although Firefox promotion is always good!).
It has some very nice new features so check it out.

Although this is not why I talk about Firefox; I created a Firefox extensions series to explain why I use them. And the coming of Firefox 2.0 has some effect on my extensions.
Some of them are obsolete: Spellbound and Tab Mix Plus (it’s integrated in Firefox 2 ), which is a good thing.
Update #2: Tab Mix Plus is not entirely obsolete, some features are integrated, but it’s still very useful!

But some don’t work en the new version: my Resizeable Textarea doesn’t work anymore, which is a pain in the butt. I found the new version for FF2.0: install Resizeable Textarea 0.1c directly.
Strangely enough “Bookmark this page” doesn’t work (and this is not a extension). Update #1: I have no idea but it works again!.
And last but not least, ListZilla thinks that all extension are installed and they are not.
Some are • uninstalled by me, some just don’t work

Update #3: I stopped using Listzilla and changed to Infolister because it has more features.

Update: 27 November 2006 the new list extensions generated by InfoLister:

Extensions (enabled: 48, disabled: 47):

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