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Spelling Firefox extensions

As I said before… I’m not a great speller in my native tongue, and I’m even worse in a foreign language!

And I suggested to use tinySpell for people who recognize this problem. The problem with this program is that it only works on Windows and at this moment I’m working on Linux….

So I started to look for a Firefox extension solution.

And the first extension works almost the same as tinySpell:
RiteOfTongueRiteOfTongue – Right-click on a typed word inside a web form to check if the word is spelt correctly and get alternate suggestions if it is wrong. Then select the word from the pop up menu to change it. The words are obtained in real-time over the Internet using the dictionary service from
Downside of the extension is that it checks realtime, so if your internet connection is slow or is, your answer (correct or wrong) will come slowly.

The other works like the on line translators like AltaVista Babel Fish, Worldlingo, Systran etc….
ImTranslatorImTranslator – ImTranslator provides additional multilingual capabilities to Firefox for more efficient communication in foreign languages.
Downside of the extension is that is a slow extension with al lot of advertisement in it and when I selected a word I wanted to translate used right click to translate, it disappeared from the textfield….

And one promising extension which doesn’t seem to work with Firefox 1.5 … there is a trick to get “old” extensions to work but I haven’t tested it (read read explanation from ffextensionguru. or perhaps
Wow this is a powerful extension, thx ffextensionguru for helping me on my way.
SpellboundSpellbound – This allows you to spell check forms (e.g. message board posts, blog entries, wysiwyg, etc.) before submitting them.
What even more interesting is the ability check in different language. This extension can also be used to check in my native tongue (Dutch) so check out the language dictionaries available.

These extension are submitted to my frequently used Firefox extensions collection.

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