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Flatpack toys other then ReadyMech

Readymechs are free flatpack toys designed to fit on an 8.5?x11? and to be printed on any printer.

update #1: After updating my blog to Thickbox (of course by a wp-thickbox plugin and don’t forget wp-jQuery), if found out that some of the images I found are missing… So that’s the update I did!

I’ve written about ReadyMech before and I wanted to know if there were more examples of the flatpack toys…

A while back I got a Computer Art from May 2006.
In this magazine was a winner from the Computer Arts forum contest who could design the best Flatpack toys .
The winner was Rigel (Sarah Bibby) and her creation is called Glump (I can’t find anything about this).

I’ve been looking for the result of this contest but could find very little.
So I asked the peeps of toydigger (it’s in Dutch) to help… no result.

Update: I changed the way you can view the images (it was too much…). I used Safirul Alredha wp_lightbox2 plugin for this, and it looks very nice.

Today I try to find some more FlatPack examples and this is my result:
Flat Pack collectionClick to enlarge

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