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Grumm update: Extensions

When I started to create Grumm I wanted it to be a one piece (one A4) papermodel which is “easy” to build.
And because it is a “easy” model, it’s also easy to create a skin for it.

The next plan was to create extensions for Grumm.
These extensions could be more difficult, but would improve Grumm.

A extension is an addition (extends) to the main papermodel

The comments about Grumm at toydigger forum confirm that.

So here a little update about this extension project:

  • Grumm “Nuts & Bolts” head
  • Grumm Wrench and hands
  • Grumm shoe

And the examples are glued to a basic Grumm body and legs.
Grumm the Wrecker - beta

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