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Flash experiments: Flashbox – part 4

Update: Check the Flashbox directory or more post about FlashBox for recent update

Today I’m focusing on Flash.

  1. First task was of course the security-box from Flash (which seems to fail ???)
  2. Get the basic stuff in there (loader, navigation, image, caption)
  3. And get it to center after loading
  4. ….

But ….
I’ve got everything working in Flash at this moment but to “copy” Lightbox I need to use animations.

Because the animations create with the default animations classes from Adobe (mx.transitions.Tween) are quite heavy, I was looking for an alternative.
Which I found in TweenLite an excellent piece op work by Jack Doyle.

TweenLite provides a lightweight (about 2k), easy way to tween almost any property over time including a MovieClip’s volume. You can easily tween multiple properties at the same time too.

And because size does matter in this project, this will be a life saver.


[swf], 450,450[/swf]

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