FlashBox v1.3

A new version of FlashBox, with one of my personal favorites in it: autoplay. I hope you like it.

FlashBox is a on going project so for updated versions of it goto the Flashbox directory.

A two image gallery: an tribute to Optimus Prime. [1][2]

Find more examples on the FlashBox homepage.

Download WordPress Plugin – Download FlashBox v1.3

Download wp-FlashBox v1.3 wp-flashbox_v01.3.zip (22,1 kB)

If you have previous versions of FlashBox installed, it’s a good idea to delete the old “wp-flashbox” directory.

ChangeLog FlashBox v1.3

  • Tweek: [Flash] FlashBox was not centered in the browserwindow
  • Tweek: [Flash] if there is no caption, show only the numbers of the gallery (was not really visible but there was a break between the caption and the numbers)
  • Fixed: [Flash] without caption the word null appeared (I thought it was null, but in reality it was “null”)
  • Fixed: [PHP] select a word or sentence in the code-editor from WordPress and the FlashBox a href will be placed around the selection in stead of deleting it
  • Fixed: [Flash] the close button/function should only be active in close button and outside FlashBox
  • New: [Flash] not only percentage loading, but also an error-massage if image is not available
  • New: [Flash] on-stage resize if browser size changes, so does the position of FlashBox
  • New: [Flash] resize icon if image is bigger then stage
  • New: [Flash] minimum img size
  • New: [Flash] autoplay option
  • New: [Javascript] update to SWFObject 1.5


I’m still having problem with getting the FlashBox button in tinyMCE: I thought I had the solution in buttonsnap.php but I can’t get it to work…. so patience my WYSIWYG-friends.

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    2. Hi, first, compliments on the great plugin. However, I do have some remarks. It seems that WordPress 2.1.2 with Wp-Flashbox 1.3 crashes Internet Explorer (=> version 6). When I disable Flashbox, everything works fine.

      In Firefox, everything works like a charm… I cannot seem to find the cause of this problem. Any ideas?

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