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FlashBox v1.1: fixed visibility bug FF2 (Apple)

Update #1: Tested on Opera on Apple and Pc

Update #2: Another bug seems to appear in Firefox 2 for the Mac: goto Flashbox directory, click on rel=”flashbox[test]” (you should see a mecha-robot with sword). If you scroll to the top of the page, FlashBox disappears and when you scroll down, you will see it again…

Update #3: Images of bug in Firefox 2 (Apple) [1] [2] [3]

Update #4: another bug, but for all browsers: if you type title=”bla bla bla, bla bla” (title with a komma) the images used in the won’t show.

I love feedback…. and the feedback on FlashBox was that it didn’t work correctly on Firefox 2 on the Mac.
This was a serious bug… and it took me some time to figure out where it was created.

You can follow my progress in the Flashbox directory. A gallery example: Badass Robots used in film.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
Robot B9 from Lost In Space
ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd
Roy Batty

So the code is tested on:

  • Firefox, Opera 9.10 and Safari 1.3.2 on Apple
  • Firefox, Opera 9.10 and IE 7.0 on Pc

Sadly I have no access to a Intel Mac with Flock

(Please let me know if it works / or not in other browsers)

Download WordPress Plugin – Download FlashBox v1.1

Download wp-FlashBox v1.1 (19,2 kB)

I haven’t updated the link in, because I don’t want the same mistake (not testing on different browsers) twice

There seems to be some problem with

filter: alpha(opacity=60);
-moz-opacity: 0.6;
opacity: 0.6;

in the CSS in combination with transparant Flash.

I have fixed it with a background transparant .PNG which als works on other tested browsers.

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One reply on “FlashBox v1.1: fixed visibility bug FF2 (Apple)”

Hey, That’s interesting!
Opera on the mac, pick’s up this line in the CSS and Javascript file as an error. Not in your plugin – ( sorry was not happy with the bugs ) but a derivative of lightbox, LightboxJS v2 by Safirul Alhedra.

So, going to have to make some edits there.

I haven’t read through the code yet. but clearly there’s some inheritance there. 🙂

Thanks Ian

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