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FlashBox v1.4 – IE6 blocks content

A new version of FlashBox. The main reason for this update is an IE6-bug (read the whole story here)
But by trying to fix this bug, I also created room for the send-a-friend option.

FlashBox is a on going project so for updated versions of it goto the Flashbox directory.

A two image gallery: an tribute to Gungrave. [1] – [2]

Find more examples on the FlashBox homepage.

Download WordPress Plugin – Download FlashBox v1.4

If you have previous versions of FlashBox installed, it’s a good idea to delete the old “wp-flashbox” directory.

ChangeLog FlashBox v1.4

  • Tweek: [Javascript] Camino (Apple) works on the same gecko engine as Firefox 2 and has the same problems
  • Tweek: [Javascript] for Camino /Firefox (Apple) changed the background color to “#666666
  • Tweek: [Javascript] a better explanation for people who don’t have the correct Flash plugin installed
  • Tweek: [CSS] for the same reason as above
  • Tweek: [Flash] changed the framerate to 25 [read explanation]
  • New: [Javascript] possible to send-a-friend: ..../flashbox.html?sendafriend=
  • New: [Flash] send a friend button
  • New: [Javascript] possible to disable FlashBox: ..../flashbox.html?noflashbox=true
  • New: [Javascript] possible to debug FlashBox: ..../flashbox.html?debugflashbox=true
  • New: [Flash] debug button in FlashBox (some point as above)
  • New: [Javascript] Windows IE6 users are getting a warning message
  • New: [Javascript] possible to bypass IE6 check: ..../flashbox.html?noie6block=true
  • Fixed: [Flash] resize button moved outside screen


Fixing the framerate is no structural solution to the framerate of the head movie, Flashbox, and a different framerate from the loaded SWF) but will help Runar

I haven’t fixed the problem with IE6, but I worked around it. The choise is yours: continue (and face the consequences) or bypass FlashBox

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Hi, thanks for the great work. I am switching to wordpress and installed flashbox 1.4 For some reason it does not always load on the first click. The first image opens in the same window on a blank page.

When I refresh the browser it seems to work ok. Is there something wrong wth my html code when I create the link? Or maybe the browser?

I am a photographer and would love to display my images this way so I appreciate your help.

FB crashed my older IE, but I like it too much to care. Hopefully people are using newer browsers. I am not very good with script but I will try to tweek it a bit. Thx

The answer to you’re question, no I don’t think there is something wrong with the code or the browser.

FlashBox starts working when the browser tells it to. The browser will call the script when the page is loaded (without images), and when you open a page and try to click a link at once there is a possibility that you hit a link without this link is activate yet.

The next time you refresh the page, parts of it are already in the memory of the browser: the cache. And so its activated much faster.

The ultimate test is, empty your cache. go to the page where things go wrong, and wait (longer then you usual would do) and then click. It should work just fine. It sometimes happens, in FlashBox v01 I used another approach, which was so slow that you had to wait till everything was loaded on the page (images an all) the current version is much faster.

I’m working on a solution for this problem, so you see that FlashBox is activated….

hello! thanks for sharing ^^!
I used to work with “colorbox” and have just known about this cool “flashbox” 😀

I guess I’m going to try it in my next website

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