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FlashBox 1.4 hits 200

Update: I’ve updated my wp-downloadBtn wordpress plugin so you can see the total download:

Yeah, Yeah, I know: nerd!
But I can’t help it feeling somewhat proud: 200+ people found my WordPress plugin FlashBox interesting enough to download.

So let’s say that not everybody who’s downloaded the zip is also installing it. Let’s say 1 out of 10 … 20 users?

Well that good enough for me: I working on FlashBox 1.5 with some new feature requested by FlashBox users and some wishes I had:

  • Redesign
  • Optional: Choose if you want a add a icon to your link when FlashBox is activate
  • Images “cached” into FlashBox
  • Optional: Use FlashBox without rel="flashbox"
  • Optional: “Powered by FlashBox” in the footer
  • …. (still working on all of this and more…)

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Cool tool! But everytime I activate the plugin and reload my website, then it gives me an error in IE7x saying that the page cannot be found?

Any clue?


Hi Reinar,

This is the second time someone mentions this IE7.x bug. But I can’t reproduce this error….

So there are a couple ways to find out what the problem is:
1. You customized the FlashBox javascript or PHP files.
Solution: get a new FlashBox version and overwrite the ones you customized. 🙂

2. If the bug has something to do with IE7 or FlashBox then you should have the same problem on the FlashBox homepage. So if you could visit the page and see if you have the same problem. Or just follow this debug image.

There are 2 answers:
yes, the same problem occurs: which means the bug has something to do with IE7 or FlashBox (and because FlashBox works in Firefox it’s a bug specific to IE7)
Solution: Because I can’t reproduce the bug, I need to know the version of IE7 that you are using. You can find it in the ‘Help’ (Alt + E) menu, under ‘About Internet Explorer’ and there you can find the version number of IE7 (for example: I have version 7.0.5730.11). When I have the correct version of IE7 I hope I can reproduce the bug, and fix it.

no, it works fine: which means the bug has nothing to do with IE7 or FlashBox…. (problem solved? No of course not)
Solution: this is more complex to fix, because it has something to do with your WordPress version (my WordPress version is 2.3.1), or the plugins that you’re using.
Sometimes two plugins don’t play nice together.
You could test it yourself by deactivating all plugins except FlashBox and one by one activating the plugins and see it the error occurs.
If you know the answer, let me know and I will see if I can fix the problem.
To much work?
You could send me a list of all the active plugins you’re using. How can you let me know: go to the plugin page in WordPress, take a screenshot or select all (Ctrl + a), copy (Ctrl + c) end paste (Ctrl + v) everything in an email.

And other information would be helpful: but thats if the stuff I just wrote doesn’t work!



i love you work. but i hv to tell you a serious problem. Flashboc can NOT with IE explore!!!

I have been changing all of my 25 themes. no one can work with IE explore. I can not visit my homepage by using this. It will be fine when i deactive this plugin.

the problem as follow:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://.com. Operation aborted.

It works great with non-IE core explores like Opera, Firefox…..

Hi GooMoo,

thx for you’re responds ..
I’ve heard of the problems with ie6 and I couldn’t find the solution to the problem….

so I created a workaround:

But if I understand correctly what you wrote to me, you don’t even see the warning….

This is a strange bug, it’s not consistent with different ie6:
I don’t have the problem on my home computer but the computer at my work has the same problem.
So I fixed it (well, fix it: I created the warning and that’s not really a fix) so you could choose if you wanted to see Flashbox and face the consequences, or bypass FlashBox.

It should work… but you prove that’s not the case.

So I will look into it: could you send me the version of the IE6 you are using?
You can find it under “help” >> “about”

You can also help, by sending more data:
press the submit button, and send the email to me…
(use ie 6 when your doing that..)

As soon as my deadlines are gone, I will fix the ie 6 bug…

once again, thx for the feedback, this is something I can work on!



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