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Oke I’m getting into it, after comment trace JSFL and uncomment trace JSFL I created another trace related JSFL command.

It’s a extension on a trace that really says nothing;
you are testing the code you just written
trace (thisVar);
but you really want to:
trace ('thisVar: ' + thisVar);

And now you can: change the first trace into the second, more readable trace with just one click

How to install:
Save [mck] Readable trace.jsfl in the jsfl commands folder or just use the installer:

Read more about the Extension Manager


  • Only in one frame
  • When you use in the Action (F9) panel, the ‘pin active script’ to pin a couple of frames with actionscript, it doesn’t work

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Any requests?

4 replies on “Readable trace JSFL”

I find when I alter a comment trace (JSFL) the uncomment trace JSFL will subsequently influence the trace (‘thisVar: ‘ + thisVar); code. How can I change the first trace without substracting the previous set up? Thanks.

Hi Herald,

thx for using my JSFL and I appreciate the feedback you are giving me.

But I can’t reproduce the error you described, so could you do something for me:
1. write step-by-step what you are doing…

For example (and this is what I make of what you describe in your comment):
#1: CTRL + tr
#2: write thisvar >>>> trace (thisvar);
#3: use readable trace JSFL >>> trace (‘thisvar: ‘ + thisvar);
#4: use comment trace JSFL >>>> // trace (‘thisvar: ‘ + thisvar);
#5: change something >>>> // trace (‘thisvar is IMPORTANT: ‘ + thisvar);
#6: use uncomment trace JSFL >>>> trace (‘thisvar is IMPORTANT: ‘ + thisvar);

and something should go wrong, if I read your comment correctly, but it doesn’t.

2. send me a part of your code / FLA so I can test it
3. Flash version (for example Flash CS3) and OS (Mac or PC)

I hope you can help me, figuring out what is going wrong
so thx for that in advance

Matthijs aka [mck]

Sorry Herald,

The E-mail address you used with you comment doesn’t work!
So I hope you are a frequent reader of this blog, because this is the only way to contact you

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