KO Boxing Television

Update #1: This mystery is solved: now we know who made this beautiful animation and why: Ariel Glaz contacted me, it was Typography class at the University (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Two very nice typographic intros for KO Boxing Television (don’t know if it’s real or a assignment for school, but probably for school).

The first part of the movie gets my vote:
I like the color, the old boxing font, the movement created by the punches, the dizziness and the KO!
The second movie has the same ingredients but never gives the same “punch”, but thats because it has a lot more to “say”;

Don’t know who made it, or which program is used.
It has something to do with a spanish school

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Just wanted to thank you for the post. I made this spots 2 years ago.
Actually, it has nothing to do with a Spanish school. It’s a practice I made for a subject called Typography2 at University (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

I’m so glad you liked it!
Great blog, congrats!

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