Tween engine Go

I have been playing a lot with Haxe and Openfl in the past, but never for work. That changed this week!

Fun stuff!

A while back I noticed some new tweening engines for Haxe.
That got me curious: can I build my own tweening engine?

Yes I can!

I named it Go, like “lets Go”.
(And like they say in a track from The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place, lets go )

You can check it out on github:
There you can find more detailed explanation about how it works, so I only will show some basic code here:

Animate a sprite in 1.5 second to x and y postion and call function when animation is done, 1.5).x(100).y(200).onComplete(onCompleteHandler, ['hello']);

It was fun to write it, but I haven’t tested in all situations.
I have tested lets.Go on targets flash/cpp/html5/neko.
But I wouldn’t use it in a production situation. It needs more testing.

Let me know what you think!

Convert SWF to AVI – part2

How to convert a SWF to an AVI (without spending any cash)? I have written about this question before [Covert SWF to AVI (SWF2AVI or SWFtoAVI)] and my answer was back then: swf2avi, a freeware project by Mario Pizzinini.
SWF2AVI is not an active project (last update from 2002-08-27), but does the job very well.
I’ve used it a couple of times, and when you know who this program works, you get the result you need.

Back then I didn’t have an alternative, but I do now!

And the alternative, in my opinion, is better and more user friendly:
swf avi convert screenshot


is a more recent project (the last update is from 2005-07-20), and does the same thing as swf2avi but has some extra very handy features:

  • Drag and drop files in the converter
  • Play the file in a small popup
  • Select an output folder
  • Set output frame rate
  • Batch Convert: convert more then one SWF to AVI
  • Profiles: you can create custom conversion profiles whereto the SWF can be exported (captures size, output size, frame rate and rotation)

But it doesn’t convert sound and interactive animations may not be properly converted

It’s an freeware program, which does what it says: it converts SWF to (uncompressed) AVI. So if you need a compressed version of your animation you need another program to do that (something to write about in another post). SWF>>AVI is a Windows program which needs Microsoft .Net Framework (it will be automatically downloaded and installed if required).

The same rules (code) apply to SWF>>AVI as it did with SWF2AVI
It’s smart to use frame based animation, although it seems that SWF>>AVI is faster in grabbing the images, so timebased animation is can be an option if you don’t care for an exact export.
Otherwise use the code posted here for you convenience:

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An intro for court-tv (I really can’t say if it’s the real stuff or an experiment)
Very impressive, I specially like the speed.

Trainspotting in Typography

Intro from the movie “Trainspotting”
(I haven’t seen the movie in a while, so I don’t know if it’s the original intro, or a school assignment)


Intro Trainspotting in Typography.
Motion design with after-effects.


A very little typography animation

Made for a typography course.
Music by Bay Tremore
Animation by Hannes Drexl

Sadly Hannes Drexl need 17 seconds for the credits, but other wise very nice.

The Puzzle

From the movie Saw.
It’s refreshing to see different approach for typographic animation then the ‘standard’ After Effects solutions.


This is my first attempt at type animation. Was an assignment given to us at University, it was done in less than a week including choosing a topic, and story boards. there are a couple of shots where the camera isn’t quite right but ran out of time.. Hope you enjoy anyway..
And just a note, am looking for a job in the graffic design , animation field

Made by Mixednutsnz


A monologue from the comic transmetropolitan form Warren Ellis.


Spider Jerusalem’s rant about Monoculture, from Warren Ellis’ comic Transmetropolitan. Voicing done by my housemate Colin Janke, music is ‘Medula Oblongata’ by The Dust Brothers, and the animation and putting it all together is by me, as am assignment for my graphic design course.

Made by fearmeforiampink.

AMTV Reality Dawg House

Simple but very nice.
I like the fact that it has it’s own ‘signature’. Not the standard zoom rotate actions in-your-face with big bold fonts.


Teaser to our annual dog daze event. this theme was based on reality shows, so i paid tribute to all those cool MTV ads you see