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Zombie Grumm at Thunder Panda

One of my inspiration to create Grumm was Sjors Trimbach with Brickboy. Back then I visited his site weekly and after a while I noticed that there were no more updates of new Brickboys.
Some time later I found Brickboys creations on sites of designers who had created a custom Brickboy. Sjors wrote about it (can’t find that article anymore) saying that he was too busy, and that designers started taking matter into there own hands, that the designers couldn’t wait any longer and publishing there own Brickboys on there own sites…. (if I remember the article correctly, Sjors didn’t mind…)

When I red this, I couldn’t image that happening to me…..
Well for everything there is a first time: I’m too busy, and don’t have enough time to put everything on my site and Eric Wiryanata’s took maters in his own hands.
Can’t blame him…

But it’s a nice version of Grumm and in time I will put him on my site:

Visit Zombie Grumm at Thunder Panda and there is a download link over there.

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