GrummSkull papertoy

It’s been a while … I need to share more papertoys with the world.
So here is another custom papertoy from me: GrummSkull.

GrummSkull GrummSkull

This papertoy is a custom based upon the paper skull from Patrick Pasques.
The paper spring used is really great! Better then the spring I used for Drukks and much simpler!
Check out Patrick’s work, its really amazing (blog is in French, but even without translation the images speak for themself) and support his work and buy his books!

Here is the template:

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
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Social stuff works!

I asked everybody to share/like/retweet, and when the number hits 20 I would put this papertoy online:



about 50+ reactions… love social!


I’m in the latest edition of the II LOVE magazine from Marko Zubak

In this issue we will remain on the first phase of creation, the form. Here the accent is put on the sculptural aspect of denuded paper toys, giving an impression that each one of them represents it’s own species.
Here is shown a selection of more than 50 paper toys, but of course, there are lot of other different kinds of paper toys out there. Many great designs are left out because of various reasons and I feel really sorry for some of them.

by Marko Zubak, creator of II LOVE magazine

Download II LOVE magazine from YEBOMAYCU.

Impressive Grumm evolution

Scott Schaller blew me away with a custom for Grumm

Grumm Dragon

Do you see the Grumm in there?
Lets try again:

No? nothing. Nether did I:
But it’s true, it started as a Grumm

What can I say, Scott is amazing
He should stop calling it a Grumm custom and give it his own name.
Perhaps this started as a Grumm, but this is completely different DNA.

Grumm evolution

Counting down…

Good news & bad news

First the good:
The book that I’m going to be in (book “Urban Paper” from Matt Hawkins) is printed: one of these days I will get my copy!!!!
I’ve written about it here and

And this is the front:
Front of Urban Paper
And this the back:
Back of Urban Paper

You ca order it at Amazon: Urban-Paper-Designer-Toys.

And when you watch the video, wait till the last page:

it’s me with Son of a Grumm

then the bad:
I broke my wrist and can’t type very fast with one hand.
So I will be posting infrequently for about 5/8 weeks.
And the subjects will be short….

Grumm by Methuup: Dizzzy Grumm and Oppp-art Grumm

Methuup da Funky One, a member of NPT has created a custom in an way that I forgot about:

So here the example of Methuup:
Methuup da Funky One Customs

Read more at NPT: Dizzzy Grumm Custom and Oppp-art Grumm Custom

Tips from Methuup himself:

Use Google and search for images with “Op-art” or “Optical-art”

I’ve done this also, but by printing the blank Grumm template on a comic or stationary paper.

The only sad thing is that there are no templates to download.

NoissGrumm – part 2

Since my post about NoissGrumm I’ve modified the legs and arms a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a short explanation about this model:

I’m working for a company named NOISE ( and I wanted to make a Grumm to “explain” what I’m doing in my spare time.

Now I worked on the legs, feet, arms and hands.
I’m not happy with the hand yet, but that will improve.

NoissGrumm front wip2

NoissGrumm front wip2

NoissGrumm back wip2

NoissGrumm back wip2

Little Grummerboy – a Grumm custom by Hardy

I feel ashamed, and I should! This custom is laying around on my virtual desktop for a long time now.
And it’s really great!

I present: Little GrummerBoy a Grumm custom by Hardy
Little Grummerboy by Hardy, a Grumm Custom

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

Little Grummerboy by Hardy, a Grumm Custom

So lets start introducing: Hardy a German graphic designer and allround creative.
You can visit Hardy on his own blog:, it’s in German so not readable for everyone ๐Ÿ™ .
More into English? Perhaps you should visit him on myspace: Hardy has the most awesome myspace I have ever seen which is dedicated to his papertoy Bottecc.

You can download the Bottecc templates at the bottom of page, just search for “bottecc beta template”. (it’s a illustrator EPS, he should to change that to PDF… oh well!)

But that’s not all, Bottecc is a papertoy wrestler… Yes you heard it correct.. This papertoy can busta move:

As Hardy put it:

i started working on bottecc with the idea to make a papercraft that can really move and wrestle like the good old wwf-stars.

The subtitle of Hardy’s site is “Paper wrestling association“!
Too bad that the idea is not finished yet. I would love to send a Grumm into the ring ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t think there many papertoys out there that can beat Grumm ๐Ÿ˜€


About Drukk

Drukk animation, how it works

Drukk is a simple papertoy (easy to build, easy to customize) with moving parts (you could call it a paper automata).

It is very difficult to find designers who want to customize my first papertoy Grumm. I concluded that the model was to complex and perhaps is a 2 page model too intimidating for a designer. So I designed a model that is fun to build (you can press it’s head), easy to build (it fits all on one page), easy to design (design the head, and the rest will follow) and easy to customize (create moving arms, tongue, tails, eyes, ….)

So design your own Drukk, find out what I can do with Drukk in the Selfish Seriesor what other designers do in the Pusher Series 01

Selfish Series 01

Pusher Series 01

Robbox by Marko Zubak

Marco Zubak was the first one who created a custom Drukk (thx for getting the ball rolling). He named his Drukk in the Pusher Series 1 Robbox

Nukk by Marshall Alexander

Marshall Alexander creator of Foldskool heroes dropped a bomb. He created the ultimate Drukk called Nukk, an explosive Pusher

Speed Racurr by Nick Knite

Nick Knite creator of SIZZA honored me with his second custom ever! He created Speed Racurr who joins the Pusher team.

Visit Nick’s website and download another Speed Racurr who is racing for another team!

Dead Drukk by Scott Carrington

Scott Carrington aka Dr Shazam created something with a skull (I love skulls!!). This one is buried 6-feet deep: Dead Drukk.

This image is not doing justice, the two parts of Drukk are too nice not to show… you gotta see for yourself, build the bugger!



Dr. Bear by Scott Schaller

Scott Schaller is a highschool Graphic Design Teacher who is taken by the papertoy virus (and is infecting his students too)

Cabrillo Design Lab

Greg's Drukk by Greg Madden

Greg Madden is a design student with a passion for photography and is a student at Cabrillo High (with the coolest teacher there is)


Blank Drukk Templates

Blank Drukk Templates

Do you feel inspired by this model and the custom designs in the Pusher Series? Create your own Drukk, send it to me, and be part of the first “Pusher Series”.
Download the blank Drukk template here:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - visual

I’ve haven’t got any questions yet, so I made one up… But you see I’ve reserved a place for all your questions… Just ask me!!

What does Drukk mean?
Druk(k) means push in Dutch

Is it Drukk or Drukks?
One Drukk and a couple of Drukks

It’s a social network for papertoy designers, and papertoys, visit


Symen Veenstra aka Enkeling for helping me with the name for this creation: Drukk

Dafont for helping me find Aerojones NF which is the base font for the Drukk logo (font created by Nick)

The designers who have created a custom Drukk for the Pusher Series


Coming soon, use my other contact form until then

Grumm by Petra: Pink Grumm

Another Grumm custom: this time by my girlfriend…

Petra van Breugel designed a Grumm in her favorite color: pink. And that simple reason is also the base for it’s name: Pink Grumm ๐Ÿ™‚

Pink Grumm by Petra van Breugel

I’ve been experimenting with Sketchup, but you can see that I not finished with the Grumm 3D model but it has not the same impact as an picture…
If you can send me a better picture, your picture/credits will be use instead!

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

Grumm by Enkeling: Grummeling – part 2

I have mentioned before that a friend of mine made a Grumm.

But for some reason I never made a download link… So this is a post about that: and some reminder for this Grumm.

Symen Veenstra aka Enkeling is a very talented illustrator and a good friend. We both went to the same art academy where we both studied graphic design …. (he is now an illustrator and I’m a Flash developer/designer ๐Ÿ™‚ )

He called this Grumm: Grummeling

Grummeling by Enkeling

Grummeling by Enkeling

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

When I started with Grumm I thought it would be cool to see all sides of Grumm and see the complete design. So I made a rotation viewer. But because it’s a lot of work creating a rotation I stopped doing that. Symen is the last one I made one for.

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