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Custom papertoy: Flowerr Kidd

Another custom (this is the first time I do this and probably the last) for Wilson the Robot from Eric Wiryanata.

This is a reaction to the custom Eric did (Zombie Grumm).
I explained in my previous post (Custom papertoy: Wilsumm/) why there are two customs:

  1. usually I create a skin in Illustrator
  2. print/build the model
  3. see what needs improvements
  4. fix it in the Illustrator
  5. print/build the model again

This time I used the same method, but after I saw what improvements I needed to make (3), I also concluded that I’m creating the same “bad-ass” skin over-and-over again.
So I created a new skin (yes, a sweet pink one) and made the improvements in that model and rebuild that model.

Today I present: Flowerr Kidd

Flowerr Kidd: a custom by Matthijs Kamstra

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

This model is not complex to build, but if you need some help building the basic Wilson visit the instruction page (at the bottom of the page), but my customization you just need to analyze my photos.

Wilson is a “doodle” (Eric used this to describe his model) papercraft and some parts don’t work like I want them to (the feet for example).
My version doesn’t need duct tape to keep him standing: just put some weight in the feet before you glue it shut! (I used dry rice, but nuts/bolds, dry sand, putty, coins, etc will work just fine)

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