111 thoughts on “PUMA – First Round – urban paper sneaker

  1. Would love to do this with my GCSE Graphics students – please could I have a template for all of the shoes?

  2. Hi there, I’m an art and design teacher and the templates from this and your other trainers would be brilliant to use with my y7 (11-12 years old) class. They will love them!

  3. would love to have the template!! I am doing a craft for a valentine’s box and want to see if this will work as my mail box. Thanks a bunch!! 🙂

  4. ana maria salinas

    Hi, I’m from chile and I would love if I could send the template in black and white because I love a kiss ana maria

  5. I Love your design. It’s Fly. It’s fly means it dope and it’s dope means, ooooHHh could I have a copy please. I’m making a mobile for a new born baby and the babies daddy is a shoe fanatic, so I thought I could do A paper toy Shoe Mobile. Your versions awesome.

    Peace and Love,

  6. I really adore your templates…Is it possible to get a copy of the high one please. I teach papercraft to a group here in New Zealand and I know they would love it. Many thanks

  7. Hi excellent work, could you send me both templates (the blank and a paperkraft custom). I think it would help my students better understand how sneakers are made.

    Take Care

  8. I would love this template. I try to do Christmas ornaments with my nieces and nephews every year. And my nephew is obsessed with shoes this would make a great ornament for him to do. He could color it himself.

  9. hi if possible can you PLEASE send me both templates of this sneaker. my daughter is having a party and this would be something great for the kids to do :)thanks a bunch

  10. what a wicked template. I’m producing design with my students and would really appreciate a copy of your design.


  11. kimberley withell

    can i please have the flat template of this shoe as i am doing a design project on them. rsvp by email. thanks

  12. I love this shoe! Great job on your own design. Would you please email me the high top blank design? My sister in law has more high top shoes than anyone I have ever heard of, and I’d love to make her a paper version!

  13. Hi! been working with kids in school – they love your designs – please could you send me both templates you have for the” urban paper PUMA sneaker is loosely based upon PUMA First Round model”PLEEASE!

  14. Hey man! I would love to have the template for this high-top puma shoe!
    Please send me the blank and the coloured versions!

  15. Hi, Love your work. I’d like to share your paper template with my 12-16 year old students. Could you send me the high top and low top blank templates for them to design on to?
    I’d be happy to send you images of the final versions.
    This will be a great and fun activity to enthuse the group.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes


  16. I love this template! I have played around with the low-top shoe, and I would really like to try the high-top version. Could you send me the template? I will send in my customization of both once I complete the high-top. Thanks!

  17. Wow love that shoe
    This would be perfect for my bible school class for the summer please could I have a template of your shoe 🙂

  18. I would dearly love to have this template for a grandson gift! Is it possible to still have this emailed to me? TIA if possible, this shoe is FABULOUS!

  19. hi.i love the template…its perfect for my son’s first birthday..please could you send me the template? i’ll be the happiest mom ever!thanks thanks..waiting

  20. hello i’d love to have this template the blank and your colored one please i love it its very nice!!! thanks

  21. Yusidah Mohd Yunus

    I would love to have the templates to teach my kids in primaru school for the subject The World of Art.

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