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Tribute to Heavy Bramble: papertoy Brummble

Updates: I moved them to the bottom of this post, just click here to jump to the updates!

This is my first of my monthly “big” – post (read more about the changes I will make this year).

I had this lying around for some time (made it before Christmas), but didn’t take the time to finish it.
For the first time I had a WIP test builder (Jason Bolt) and that helped a lot.
Especially because I had some pressure to finish it!!

And as promised it will be down-loadable; I present:


Brummble side front

Brummble is a papertoy tribute to the awesome vinyl from ThreeA: Heavy Bramble.
I wanted to see how fast I could “papertoy” a vinyl (about 3 nights (3*4hours) and some extra hours for ‘bugfixing some ‘lite’ instructions and photos). The instructions are very minimal, so some it’s not a beginners project. You will need 5 pages, my advice is to use 120/160 gram paper (heavier than the usual printing-/copy-paper). It will take about 4 hours to cut out and build.

Blank template

Not a print this time? No I don’t think it needs more, but you may always surprise me with a custom!

5 pages

Yes it’s not a small papertoy, but the result will be very close to the original!
and show me/the world the pictures!!

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

Update #1: Everybody is as excited as I am: 400 downloads in 5 days (300+ in the weekend; normally the time that the visits to this blog is the lowest)
Update #2: Check the trackback links at the bottom: 3 blogs posted about Brummble: THX
Update #3: The first prove that someone has built Brammble: Josh Buczynski build!/Sergenth/status/161100136280358912/photo/1 (also check out his website and especially the poplock; I will be doing something with that system in the future! )
Update #4: Another build: check out!/ario_fitrianto/status/162202275434086401 by Ario Fitrianto. Thx for the build! And customizing
Update #5: A French papertoy blog has a post about Brummble: check out (perhaps use google translate)
Update #6: A documented build by Jared R Delo, visit his google+ photo gallery: Brammble build in 8 staps
Update #7: A custom by Marko Zubak. Check my tweet about this AWESOME Brammble custom

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This is really awesome. I’m certainly gonnna do it in the weekend. What kind of glue do you recommend? will stick glue work?

[…] Brummble es este papertoy basado en el Heavy Bramble, con la cual Matthijs Kamstra rinde tributo a una de las mejores piezas de ThreeA, el archivo consta de 5 páginas mismas que se recomienda imprimir en papel de 120 a 160 grs. para un mejor manejo, esta es una versión en blanco todavía no existe un custom como tal, por lo tanto si se animan podrán personalizar uno y si quieren compartirlo aquí lo estaremos posteando. La descarga la encuentran aquí. […]

[…] L’idée initiale de [mck] était de voir à quelle vitesse il pouvait adapter un art toy en vinyl au matériau papier… Et bien la réponse est environ une bonne quinzaine d’heures, réparties en 3 nuits… Les instructions sont plutôt minimalistes car ce papertoy (dont le template s’étale sur 5 pages) n’est clairement pas fait pour les débutants… Il faudra environ 4 heures aux initiés pour le découper et l’assembler (à moins d’avoir un matos de guerrier ^^). Les plus courageux pourront donc télécharger le patron en cliquant sur l’image qui suit, ou directement depuis le site de [mck]. […]

Hi, i was just wondering what scale is the papercraft? is it comparable to the 1/6 or 1/12 scale bramble?

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