Streetlight Manifesto – Typography Experiment

Very nice typography on song written by Streetlight Manifesto.
Building gun and clock with words, nice!. For some reason the font used is very appropriate. And the ending is also very nice.


I used SWiSHMax to create this video, but I needed to use a screen capture tool (the reason for that watermark in the corner) to actually export it as Swish wasn’t allowing me to export it right, it kept coming out monochrome and all the text inverted.

Anyway, here it is. Took some time to make. My first time trying anything like this. Hope to do more, perhaps learn after effects. It’d be a lot more powerful.

Created by Youssef Sarhan
Streetlight Manifesto – Point Counterpoint
Made with SWiSHMax


KO Boxing Television

Update #1: This mystery is solved: now we know who made this beautiful animation and why: Ariel Glaz contacted me, it was Typography class at the University (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Two very nice typographic intros for KO Boxing Television (don’t know if it’s real or a assignment for school, but probably for school).

The first part of the movie gets my vote:
I like the color, the old boxing font, the movement created by the punches, the dizziness and the KO!
The second movie has the same ingredients but never gives the same “punch”, but thats because it has a lot more to “say”;

Don’t know who made it, or which program is used.
It has something to do with a spanish school


Kinetic Typography – Live Out Loud

An nice example of the previous post about Kinetic Typography by Johnny Lee.

It’s made in a program written Java by Johnny Chung Lee.

I like this movie (and the one described next) because not the font or colors tell the story, but the movement of the letter. But if I have to choose, I choose ‘Live out loud’

Another nice example of kinetic Typography (I couldn’t find it on youtube):
FightClub by Monchu Chen (you need QuickTime for this movie)


Kinetic Typography

How does a sentence feel, how does it express itself.
Well there’s been a study about this: it’s called Kinetic Typography:

More about Kinetic Typography and the program used for this animation. There are some other examples on this page.


The rich expressiveness of animated type has been explored for decades in film and design, however little has been done to understand it effects and ability to enhance day to day communication. The Kinetic Typography engine is a Java software library created for rendering written content as animated text. Project by Johnny Chung Lee.


25 of the best title sequences part 2

And part two of the movie title are from 1978 till 2002:

Mark Klaverstijn & Roel Wouters collected 25 titlesequences.

  1. Superman (1978) Directed by Richard Donner Title Design by: Sheldon Elbourne
  2. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Title Design: Pablo Ferro
  3. The Virgin Suicides (1999) Directed by Sofia Coppola, Title Designer: Geoff McFetridge
  4. Our Latin Thing (1972) Directed by Leon Gast, Title Design by: Unknown
  5. Delicatessen (1991)Directed by Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet Title Design by: Marc Bruckert
  6. Pi (1998) Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Title Design by: Jeremy Dawson
  7. Se7en (1995) Directed by David Fincher, Title Design by: Kyle Cooper
  8. Hollow Man (2000) Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Title Design by: The Picture Mill
  9. Casino (1995) Directed by Martin Scorsese, Title Design by: Saul Bass
  10. Alien (1979) Directed by Ridley Scott, Title Design by: Saul Bass
  11. Matzes (2004) Directed by Margien Rogaar, Title Design by: Karst-Janneke Rogaar & Roel Wouters.
  12. North by Northwest North by Northwest (1959) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Title Design by: Saul Bass
  13. Panic Room (2002) Directed by David Fincher, Title Design by: The Picture Mill

25 of the best title sequences part 1

We can’t forget the movie titles that are made through the years, from 1964 till 1984:
(we can probably say that they are not made with aftereffects)

Mark Klaverstijn & Roel Wouters collected 25 titlesequences.

  1. Marnie (1964) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Title Design by: Unknown
  2. Grands soirs & petits matins (1978) Directed by William Klein, Title Design by: Unknown
  3. The French (1982) Directed by William Klein, Title Design by: Unknown
  4. Psycho (1960) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Title Design by: Saul Bass 5 Catch Me If You Can (2002) Directed by Steven Spielberg, Title Design by: Florence Deygas
  5. 99 and 44/100% Dead (1974) Directed by John Frankenheimer, Title Design by: Unknown
  6. Dorian Gray (1970) Directed by Massimo Dallamano, Title Design by: Unknown
  7. Soylent Green (1973) Directed by Richard Fleischer, Title Design by: Unknown
  8. “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” (1969) by Monty Python, Title Design by: Terry Gilliam
  9. Death Machines (1976) Directed by Paul Kyriazi, Title Design by: Unknown
  10. Altered States (1980) Directed by Ken Russell, Title Design by: Richard Greenberg
  11. The Terminator (1984) Directed by James Cameron, Title Design by: Ernest D. Farino

Brazil Typography

Original title “MK12 || Brazil Inspired: MachoBox” or “Machismo”
Made by MK12!
original url


Oceans Eleven Project

Typographic animation based upon a sentence from the movie “Oceans Eleven”.

Very good, I especially like the typographic visualization of door, corridors, elevator codes and gunfire.

Extra info
Made by callme4b with After Effects.
Project Description: Take 45 seconds of audio from anywhere and animate typography to it to show intonation.


Tramp Typography

Animated typography to music (Tramp by Lowell Fulson)
Love the slow pan from left to right, loverereerererer

Made by Steve Hooley
Made with After Effects, the graphic elements with Illustrator.


What is typography?

I love animation with a good fonts, timing and eye for detail
So here a nice lesson by from the Vancouver film school: