Flash Screenweaver


This is a little tool I build with the help of Screenweaver.
A dir(ectory) 2 XML tool.

I was looking for a program that could create an XML file from a directory. I found some programs that could help me with this (commandline, Printfolder, Dirhtml) but none of them creates an XML at once. So one evening I sat down, and made this in a couple of hours.

Because this is a custom solution to a specific problem, not everybody will be able to use this. I'm open to suggestions though, so drop me a line.

Dir2xml v1.0


PC and Apple

Sadly enough Screenweaver can't export to Apple (yet).
So Dir2xml will (for now) only work on a pc.


You can download the EXE, SWF and FLA in a ZIP

Get your stuff here:

update: new version


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

SlideShow v1.0

A little dynamic slideshow a made with Flash using XML.
It’s not finished but it usable.

And it’s not really the reason I wanted to show this.
What I wanted to show is my dir2xml program that I wrote with Flash and Screenweaver

SlideShow v1.0


I haven’t had the time to clean up the source code, so don’t complain about it.

Get your stuff here:



Dir2xml creates a simple xml structure:


Future features and wishes

I can think of some features that would make this slideshow better, but what do you think would improve it.
The real reason I wanted to show you this project is this.

Flash video player

Flash Video (FLV) Player 1.1 released

About the project

Read more about it here

flvPlayer mck v1.1


I haven’t had the time to clean up the source code, so for now you can download the SWF and some other stuff in a ZIP

Get your stuff here:


Animation Flash Flash video player Open source / Freeware

Convert SWF to AVI (SWF2AVI or SWFtoAVI)

Update: are you looking for a userfriendly, free SWF>>AVI converter? Read also my post about SWF>>AVI

I was always under the assumption that you couldn’t export video with flash.
And yes I know …. there are couple ways to export video but they have some restrictions.

To export from Flash to Quicktime (MOV) means that you SWF can’t be higher than Flash 5 and in the standard export setting AVI and MOV can’t contain script, so everything has to be animated on root timeline even animation in movieclips don’t work.
There is also the possibility to export a sequence of images which has the same restriction…

swf2avi main

But since I use swf2avi I don’t have these restrictions no longer.
Swf2avi is very easy to use (what all programs with 1 aim should be). It’s quite intuitive! So no tutorial will be made by me, not even a small explanation.
Swf2avi will create a container (if necessary) to play your SWF frame-by-frame and creates screenshots of every frame in either BMP or JPG.
This sequence can be translated afterwards to AVI with swf2avi (with the possibility of compression), an AVI can be converted to FLV and play it with a flashVideoPlayer.

Flash video player Open source / Freeware

How can I make FLV (Flash Video) files?

Update #5: I’ve split this post in a couple specified post about this subject:
How can I make FLV with freeware / opensource software
Why do I need MetaData?
The best offline FLV player (not written yet)
And rewrite this post.

Update #3: Subtitle: “How can I make FLV with freeware / opensource software” or “How can I make FLV for free!”

For creating FLV I use Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder. I use it professionally (it’s part of Flash 8 Professional) but I understand that not everybody is able to get hold of this program.

How can we create FLV without an expensive program?

Riva FLV EncoderYou can use Riva FLV Encoder. This freeware program can be use to encode AVI, MPEG, Quicktime and WMV to FLV.
The same company also has a free Riva FLV Player which yoube used to play your FLV files.
Update #4: A program similar to Riva FLV Encoder is FLV Encoder from Digitalgroover.
It’s easy to use but for some reason I can’t get it to work with my computer at home (“Fail to transcode file!”), it works fine with the computer at work.
It’s freeware and they also have a FLV Player which is able to view and repair MetaData.

You can also use the FLV Player by Martijn de Visser for playing FLV.

Both FLV players come with their own installer so you can associate FLV files with one of these programs.

Update #2: VLC media player can also play FLV (and many more) but it seems to be an undocumented feature. And for some reason it doesn’t play all FLV files.

And of course you should use my FLV player for playing video on your site.

Flash video player

Flash Video (FLV) Player 1.0 released


For some time I’ve been wanting to build a Flash video player, that’s easy to use in html, but can also be used in other Flash (OOP) projects.
After some research I came to the conclusion that enough people ( have already created their version of this… and also particularly good!

But that’s OK: as a good Dutch friend of mine once said:

“Alles is al een keer gemaakt, maar nog niet door mij!?
(translation: “Everything is already created once, but not by me!? )

With this in mind, I made MY version of a flv-player:

SE|PY ASEditor

SE|PY MTASC – Gui improvement

Ive been working with Sepy for a while and I’m using the mtasc gui more and more.

While I was working with it I saw some features that would improve it.

  1. First improvement would be to move the “compile button” outside …. so when you compile (you automatically go to the “Preview swf”-tab) you can change you’re code in sepy and compile again without having to change from “Preview swf” to “Compile swf” press compile and end up in “Preview swf” again.
  2. To make the gui realy a gui (header information is a good example) I’ve made a sketch of what i mean. The shape it is in now is a crossover between commandline and gui.
  3. The sepy / mtasc is now a under “flush” (where I would keep it) but it’s could easily be stored under “tools” that’s why I changed the top of the gui and gave it a “toolbar”
  4. I realy would like Mtasc to give me all the errors/faults/.. back so I made an extra tab for the errors
  5. A sepy tracer/logger: In the sketches I used “LuminicBox” version of it, but you should write your own.
  6. mtasc logo so I can see where sepy/mtasc gui when I alt+tab
  7. shortcuts should work here (Ctrl + return >> compile)

I’ve made some design to back my point up but WordPress (or Blix) chooses to mess the layout up when I show them here… man I need to create my own version of wp.

Oh well you can read it all here, and you can download the pictures.
And my suggestion got a priority 8 (from 1 to 9)