SE|PY ASEditor

SE|PY MTASC – Gui improvement

Ive been working with Sepy for a while and I’m using the mtasc gui more and more.

While I was working with it I saw some features that would improve it.

  1. First improvement would be to move the “compile button” outside …. so when you compile (you automatically go to the “Preview swf”-tab) you can change you’re code in sepy and compile again without having to change from “Preview swf” to “Compile swf” press compile and end up in “Preview swf” again.
  2. To make the gui realy a gui (header information is a good example) I’ve made a sketch of what i mean. The shape it is in now is a crossover between commandline and gui.
  3. The sepy / mtasc is now a under “flush” (where I would keep it) but it’s could easily be stored under “tools” that’s why I changed the top of the gui and gave it a “toolbar”
  4. I realy would like Mtasc to give me all the errors/faults/.. back so I made an extra tab for the errors
  5. A sepy tracer/logger: In the sketches I used “LuminicBox” version of it, but you should write your own.
  6. mtasc logo so I can see where sepy/mtasc gui when I alt+tab
  7. shortcuts should work here (Ctrl + return >> compile)

I’ve made some design to back my point up but WordPress (or Blix) chooses to mess the layout up when I show them here… man I need to create my own version of wp.

Oh well you can read it all here, and you can download the pictures.
And my suggestion got a priority 8 (from 1 to 9)