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Bookmarks cleanup

I’ve been collecting bookmarks for about 7 years now. I started in IE and imported them later in Firefox.
Started to make categories to make it somewhat managable… But it seems that some of the sites I collected 7 years ago are no more… sadly.

So I wanted to clean up my bookmarks (it must be the time of year with spring and all….)
But before I start check 1500+ bookmarks by hand, I search for some help:
and this is what I found:


bookmarkddClean up dublicate bookmarks:

bookmarkdd is a very useful extension that helps you manage your bookmarks. (homepage bookmarkdd)

It not only helps you to clean up dublicated bookmarks but notices also when you bookmark if it’s already bookmarked
Check your bookmarks for broken links

Bookmarks LinkChecker detects updated, redirected, and broken links in your bookmarks list by adding icons within the drop-down bookmarks menu.

More Firefox extensions I use.


For Pc and Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox users:

AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks. If a Bookmark has become unavailable you can verify it in the internal preview and delete it from your Browser. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks.

I like this program a lot: it does the same thing as the two firefox extension but can be used for different browsers. Its very easy to use and has some other useful features like creating a backup for your bookmarks.

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I have never been a great speller in my native tongue, and i’m even worse in a foreign language!
So I need all the help I can get.

And there is enough help: Word, Outlook, AbiWord, PsPad, (and so forth) all have spelling checkers. You can even translate text online with AltaVista Babel Fish, Worldlingo, Systran and many many more.

But there isn’t one in WordPress (or Se|py for example) …
So I want to promote the smallest program that I know and use. I am talking about TinySpell.

TinySpell is a spell checker hat isn’t tied to any specific program. It checks while you’re typing, in any program, website, blog, forum you might need a spelling check

I quote:

“TinySpell can watch your typing on the fly and alert you whenever it detects a misspelled word. It can also check the spelling of every word you copy to the clipboard.”

This program is helping me a lot, especially with my poor spelling.

Animation Flash Flash video player Open source / Freeware

Convert SWF to AVI (SWF2AVI or SWFtoAVI)

Update: are you looking for a userfriendly, free SWF>>AVI converter? Read also my post about SWF>>AVI

I was always under the assumption that you couldn’t export video with flash.
And yes I know …. there are couple ways to export video but they have some restrictions.

To export from Flash to Quicktime (MOV) means that you SWF can’t be higher than Flash 5 and in the standard export setting AVI and MOV can’t contain script, so everything has to be animated on root timeline even animation in movieclips don’t work.
There is also the possibility to export a sequence of images which has the same restriction…

swf2avi main

But since I use swf2avi I don’t have these restrictions no longer.
Swf2avi is very easy to use (what all programs with 1 aim should be). It’s quite intuitive! So no tutorial will be made by me, not even a small explanation.
Swf2avi will create a container (if necessary) to play your SWF frame-by-frame and creates screenshots of every frame in either BMP or JPG.
This sequence can be translated afterwards to AVI with swf2avi (with the possibility of compression), an AVI can be converted to FLV and play it with a flashVideoPlayer.

Flash video player Open source / Freeware

How can I make FLV (Flash Video) files?

Update #5: I’ve split this post in a couple specified post about this subject:
How can I make FLV with freeware / opensource software
Why do I need MetaData?
The best offline FLV player (not written yet)
And rewrite this post.

Update #3: Subtitle: “How can I make FLV with freeware / opensource software” or “How can I make FLV for free!”

For creating FLV I use Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder. I use it professionally (it’s part of Flash 8 Professional) but I understand that not everybody is able to get hold of this program.

How can we create FLV without an expensive program?

Riva FLV EncoderYou can use Riva FLV Encoder. This freeware program can be use to encode AVI, MPEG, Quicktime and WMV to FLV.
The same company also has a free Riva FLV Player which yoube used to play your FLV files.
Update #4: A program similar to Riva FLV Encoder is FLV Encoder from Digitalgroover.
It’s easy to use but for some reason I can’t get it to work with my computer at home (“Fail to transcode file!”), it works fine with the computer at work.
It’s freeware and they also have a FLV Player which is able to view and repair MetaData.

You can also use the FLV Player by Martijn de Visser for playing FLV.

Both FLV players come with their own installer so you can associate FLV files with one of these programs.

Update #2: VLC media player can also play FLV (and many more) but it seems to be an undocumented feature. And for some reason it doesn’t play all FLV files.

And of course you should use my FLV player for playing video on your site.

Open source / Freeware

The uploaded file could not be moved to .

Off course my first serious blog is not about the things I like to do but about thing that don’t work.

Yesterday I wanted to ad a picture to one of my test post and WordPress replied: “The uploaded file could not be moved to .?

WTF?… My brand new, super fresh WordPress did not / wanted not / could not move a file to …. nothing.

First I thought it was because I used Firefox, but when I used IE I smiled. No answer there, well I couldn’t be the first to have this problem so I searched for my answer at and found my answer

It is simple: “Using a FTP application (Filezilla), visit the directory that is specified in that URL (/wp-content/uploads) and right click, set the permissions to 777.?

Only one thing worries me: “You can probably use something less risky then 777 but its best to try with that and then reduce it.?
Risky?? Reduce it back to 755???

The uploaded file could not be moved to .

Update #1. a lot of more geektalk about this problem in WordPress support.