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Free PDF viewer

Most of the time you can download papercraft stuff in .JPG or .PDF, and I just realized that I never have written about .PDF.

So here we go: I will only explain how to view a .PDF file, not how to create one. All pdf reader here are for free, if you need to pay for them is that because then you get the option to edit the pdf, and that is not what I want to cover here…

First of course we have to mention the mothership: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
I use this one when I need to be sure that complex patterns in some of my illustrations are visible without errors. It’s for Windows, Apple, Linux and many more. Downside is the extreme size: 33.5MB.

Adobe Acrobat Profession

So I have two smaller pdf-reader who are very good, and I use it for almost anything because it’s faster and small footprint.

This is the one I use: Foxit Reader. You can use it on a memory stick, it’s made for Windows and Linux and I love it. In the past I had some “bugs” in prints that I made (didn’t show the pattern correctly) but that sort of bugs seems to disappear as this program gets worked on more and more. When I started using this program it was 1MB, now it’s 2.5MB and the bugs I had before are now disappeared.


The other one I want to mentions is Sumatra PDF. This is the one I use on my memory-stick. This pfd reader is the smallest to download: 1.2MB. It’s only a Window application and it’s a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features.


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Print 2 PDF

I have been using this for some time now: sometimes you need to export something generated in Flash to a (vector) file. Another name for this post could be: Flash2PDF, Flash to PDF, SWF2PDF, SWF to PDF, Export2PDF, Export to PDF….. you catch my drift 🙂
And the solution is very simple: just print a .PDF!

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you capture and view robust information—from any application, on any computer system.

from the creators: Adobe

Read the explanation from wikipedia

How does it work?

You need to download (and install) a program: PDFCreator. PDFCreator is opensource: which means a lot, but the only thing you need to know for now is that it’s free.

PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly any Windows application.

After you install it, you can print PDF files from every program: print a document, choose the printer with the name “PDF Creator” and print.
Print screen PDF Creator

Apple doesn’t need a special program for that; it’s already build in: read more about that here
(can’t tell you much about Mac… I own one, but it’s old so I don’t work on it anymore)