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Custmm Grumm – Selection tool

Custmm Grumm is a project that I will be working on in my spare time.
I will try to build a online tool for creating custom skins and modifying a Grumm.
It’s will be created in Flash (AS3).

The first research I did is selection, and how it works with shapes.
What it does:

  • select an item with one click
  • select an item by dragging (mouse down, mouse up)
  • select multiple items with dragging

What it doesn’t do:

  • shift add a selected item to the current selected items
  • shift click/drag deselect items

A direct link to the file: selectionTool v01

2 replies on “Custmm Grumm – Selection tool”

Hi mck!

Great work out there! I was about to spend some time doing something similar. Can you send me or post the source code?


Thx rui,

I’ve decide not to post the source because it’s still work-in-progress (WIP), and a sort of prove-of-concept.
So before I can use it in my main project, a few changes will occur…

I can send you the source-code, and what I saw on your portfolio site you are probably capable enough to understand the source n& modify it…
So lets make a deal: I will send the source to you, and you will make it better and send it back!
I will save you some time, and you will save me some time


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