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I’m in the latest edition of the II LOVE magazine from Marko Zubak

In this issue we will remain on the first phase of creation, the form. Here the accent is put on the sculptural aspect of denuded paper toys, giving an impression that each one of them represents itís own species.
Here is shown a selection of more than 50 paper toys, but of course, there are lot of other different kinds of paper toys out there. Many great designs are left out because of various reasons and I feel really sorry for some of them.

by Marko Zubak, creator of II LOVE magazine

Download II LOVE magazine from YEBOMAYCU.

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The first one is Lo-Slungg and there is a skin design for that one.
#2 is a prototype of Lo-Slungg (and didn’t make it)
#3 is a prototype that is not finished yet
#4 Grumm >> my first papertoy
#5 GrummCustumm >> project that is still in my todo list
#6 Son of a Grumm, if you want to build that one you have to buy “Urban Paper” from Matt Hawkins
#7 is NOISSGrumm: I haven’t released that on yet and I’m not sure I ever will
#8 is a prototype for a book I’m designing for

hope that helps

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