Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Spiky Baby Deluxe series

At the beginning of this year Shin Tanaka came with a secret project: the SPIKY BABY Deluxe series. This project had two tags “Real Arts for Everyone” and “Change the Game”….
So this project must be something


As other SPIKY BABY series you can download all models at random, but I don’t have the patience to download them all that way.
So I hacked it a little and give you all the links at once:

Update #1: all these downloads are limited time only :: that time has passed… the links don’t work anymore….
  1. 460
  2. akira
  3. Akishi_Nishida
  6. BOX
  7. David_Horvath
  8. DavidFlores
  9. eshimasa
  10. gumliens
  13. KAIJIN
  15. KIMA
  16. koraters
  18. mori_chack
  19. mori_chack_heavy_blood
  20. mori_chack_instinctive
  21. NO23_Tomohiro
  22. REACH2
  23. REACH
  24. SHIN
  25. T9G
  26. Terry
  27. TOUMA2
  28. TOUMA
  30. CUPCO_1
  31. CUPCO_2
  32. CUPCO_3
  33. CUPCO_4
  34. devilrobots
  35. MAD
  36. DavidFlores_blue
  37. DavidFlores_green
  38. BSHITT

Good luck downloading a great SPIKY BABY set.

Read an interview with Shin Tanaka at Toysrevil about this project.

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Custom vibe

Update #1: Everything about this project seems to have disappeard, and that is the reason this post seems to empty… If you know about the new location or a gallery; just let me know.

Custom Vibe, a site about designer toy customs and ‘making new friends’, has a little paper fella that you can customize.

There are some great entries already: check the gallery for the latest updates.

So download the blank template and start customizing.

I have seen this site before, but never gotten around blogging about it, untill Nice Bunny made a custom for it: so
[via Nice Bunny]

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka (part 3) – Boxy

Last week I talked about the collaboration between Shin Tanaka and Nooka: nooka boxboy.
Nooka boxboy

Which was a good reason to visit Shin Tanaka site, and there it was: another cool papercraft project called BOXY (traveling over the world).
BOXY -traveling over the world

Shin wants custom designs for BOXY, but instead creating a downloadable link on his site (like Spiky Baby or Mask Hoody), the designer has to take a picture of his design and send it to Shin. He will put it on his site, and you will get your 15 minutes of fame….

Want to? Go to the page that explains what you need to do!

You should visit the BOXY page, because there a regular updates, but you can view a couple entries here:

BOXY by Shin TanakaStart slideshow here













Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka (part 2) and Nooka

Shin Tanaka, one of my favorite urban papercraft artists, teamed up with Nooka.
Before this post I had never heard about Nooka, but they make very nice watches (which are difficult to find in the Netherlands).

Nice to know, but what has that to do with papercraft?
Nothing and everything, in a collaboration between the two, they created a papercraft project with the name “nooka boxboy“.
Check out NOOKA Collab | SHIN TANAKA.

Or some of the pictures:

And you can also submit your own designs, although I’ve been checking this site regularly but haven’t seen any updates in the Gallery.
But submitting won’t hurt, or you can make a custom just for yourself: save the nooka boxboy blank template and start designing.

Design Grumm

Grumm homepage update

I just updated the new Grumm homepage:

New Grumm homepage design

For the people that don’t know who Grumm is: read something about this moody piece of paper.

And if your not doing anything, read everything 😉 , build Grumm the Screamer Red and be one the 10479 people who downloaded it (and, I hope, put it together) or create a custom design and send them to me. (with 9050 downloads you expect a lot of customs…. 🙁 )

Grumm the Screamer Red

Show your appreciation for Grumm by sending money, beer, holiday trips, cars, Flash books, fan-mail, transparant gifs your pictures and custom designs of Grumm to me. I love it, and will place them on the Grumm homepage to see or download.
Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: skull

A cool articulated paper skull from skull a day.

It’s probably inspired by readymech but with the nice addition of an articulated jaw.

Just click on the picture below and download the .PDF:
papercraft skull
(download link: You can use acrobat to open the files)

This is one of my other ‘strange’ hobbies; I like skulls, not to have, but fascinated by it in art, clothing or when I’m scribbling on a piece of paper…

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka

Shin Tanaka updated his site so check out.
And he added T-BOY HOODY to the list of paper toys you can customize or design! Just drop Shin one of the following email in his mailbox: “T-BOY HOODY” , “GRITTY” , and “SPIKY BABY”.

I decided to share a “hobby” of mine (read more about my “hobbies”).

But I will only share the cool part of it: I’m talking about urban papercraft.
The cool customizable paper toys who are similar to that of the vinyl scene.

Shin Tanaka is my favorite (well …. I can’t find a lot of builders who approach papercraft with a urban style). I like the simple shapes he uses to create the figures and that they fit on one pace of paper. But what makes him a genius is the fact that he makes DIY paper toys. And it works…. I want to design one too. So this will be added to my wish list. I especially like the GRITTY.

An example: darkimey X GRITTY
GRITTY darkimey
One of the master himself: QRCOD GRITTY

So if you have some spare time try one of these: the custom designed paper model collection especially made as a canvas for graffiti writers and designers who want to present their work for public! Or design a SPIKY BABY or GRITTY

Basic Spike from the SPIKY BABY [SERIES 3] – box
SPIKE basic

SPIKE bichorabioso << An example from bicho

The only “comment” I have about Shin that his portfolio-site doesn’t let us see everything he made in the past: he also made some papercraft based on figures from Michael Lau (Michael Lau creates bad ass figures!!): Davy (red), Davy in different colors, SF.M.L.F, and a “Special Paper Model Download Page” in English.

Update #1: An article about Shin Tanaka can be found Pingmag – The Tokoyo-based magazine