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Flash Video (FLV) Player 1.2 released

About the project

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flvPlayer mck v1.2


Because y’all not knocking down the door for this player, I’ve given myself some time to clean up the source code. So just as in version 1.1 no class files available but you can download the SWF, the readme and some (x)html a ZIP

Get your stuff here:


Wish list and To-do

Version 1.2
Bugs from version 1.1:

  • MTASC didn’t accept the code I wrote, so I rewrote some of it so now it works with MTASC
  • The progress bar could progress to 101% in code and visually
  • Some function were called upon more then once
  • Progress check function wasn’t killed after finish


  • Variables through html (query-string):
    • “flv=” (name of FLV (required!))
    • “img=” (name of JPG (optional))
    • “autoStart=true” (default == undefined == false)
    • “width=” (width of FLV/IMG (optional))
    • “height=” (height of FLV/IMG (optional))
  • Startup black screen with text “play movie” centered
  • if JPG is defined show image above the black screen
  • if autoStart == true don’t show jpg or black screen
  • Width and height are defined in the (x)html (remember to put 20px extra to the height for the controller)
  • If the size of the FLV or JPG is smaller than the size given in the (x)html the video and the controller will be centered and resized
  • If the height of the FLV is not with the height of the controller (+20) the controller will autohide
  • Player controls with a simple interface:
    • Play / pause button
    • Loader bar
    • Progress bar (visual, not interactive)
    • Sound on/off button

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Matthijs, ik ben trots op je. Hoe ga je zorgen dat mensen op deze pagina komen? Ga je de player ook op FlashKit gooien bijvoorbeeld?

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