Flash video player

hmmmm to early released: FLVPlayer 1.2 has a couple of bugs

It seems that I was to “early” with this update, the Flash Video (FLV) Player 1.2 has some bugs which I have to look at before I start with version 1.3.

Bugs from version 1.2:

  • Again MTASC didn’t accept the code I wrote. But now I have no idea how to fix it (read more about the problem below).
  • The progress bar sometimes exceeds the 100%, I thought I had fixed that …
  • I lied about (x)html, because it’s simply not xhtml (I’m not going to fix that, so now it’s only html)
  • The autohide functionality I create doesn’t work properly (solution to this problem is posted here)

MTASC: Type error Video has no _x
while the livedocs assures me that it is possible.
I can’t find a solution to this problem: MTASC can’t be used to create SWF but Flash 8 doesn’t mind so I will use Flash create SWF. Hmmmm to bad, so there two options now : (1) Nicolas Cannasse made a mistake or (2) I did.
Do you know the answer, let me know.